PXG 0311 T GEN5 Irons Review.

The 00311 T Irons are part of the GEN5 Clubs released by PXG.

Other Clubs in the Irons category include the XP and the P models.

In this PXG 0311 T irons Review, MS Kindy talks about the performance, touching on some of the key features and technologies that went into this Club.

PXG 0311 T GEN5 Irons Review – Introduction.

The 0311 T GEN5 Irons delivers excellent Tour performance, with a compact face and moderate offsets, this model is obviously designed for the more experienced players looking for more distance and control.

These Irons look really beautiful aesthetically and feature a new, patented core material, have a minimal offset with a narrow sole, and as irons built for skilled players, they are irons super easy to control the clubface at impact.

The previous model Gen4 was great, but like PXG Founder once said, ‘PXG will never launch new products unless they’re significantly better than previous models, the Gen5 irons obviously look like an upgrade from the gen4 aesthetically and in performance.


PXG 0311 T GEN5 Irons Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

The GEN5 irons feature lots of Technologies to deliver what is regarded as PXG’s most innovative and best Irons so far.

XCOR2 Technology.

The PXG 0311 T Gen5 irons feature a new XCOR2 Technology.

The previous model featured XCOR, but now, PXG has upgraded the technology and called it the XCOR2 and deployed it in this new line of GEN5 irons.

This new technology comes after years of intense research and development.

The xcor2 is a polymer core material designed specifically for the Gen5 irons.

It is extremely lightweight and helps reduce the mass of the core. This enables weight to be positioned low and to the perimeter of the backside of the club head for a higher MOI and more create forgiveness.

Combining all of these with the thinnest face, the XCO2 enhances C.O.R for extreme face deflection leading to more ball speed.

Next is the Power Channel Technology.


Power Channel Technology.

This is designed to create face movement for energy transfer at impact while also increasing the launch angle, trajectory, and ball speed.

Featured also is the Precision Weighting Technology.

Precision Weighting Technology.

The entire Gen5 irons feature 5 tungsten toe/heel weight, plus one large weight located at the back of the Clubhead, near the Center of Gravity(CG), used in achieving optimal swing weight.

Every single iron in this lineup is 5X Forged from the 8620 Soft Carbon steel, creating a tight grain structure that increases its strength and prolongs the lifetime of the grooves as well as enhances the feel and appearance.

Milled Back Surface.

This is a high precision process where the back surface of each iron is milled to reduce the wall thickness, and this has proven to be more effective than what forging alone can do.

The result is a high-performance body design and an enhanced aesthetical appeal.

Ultra-Thin Face

The 0311 T Gen5 irons wear an ultra-thin face and this is typical of PXG Clubs. They have been able to maintain industry-leading thin-faced Clubs from inception and are known to have the Clubs with the thinnest faces.

Combining thin face technology and XCOR2, the 0311 T Gen5 irons deliver the highest C.O.R Performance ever,

Xtreme Dark.

PXG Extreme dark irons are crafted using an advanced process called the Diamond-like0Carbo Coating(DLC).

This process creates a hard, graphite-like, Carbon-based coating that extends the lifetime of PXGs black label irons and wedges. This three-layer process involves a Chromium-based, Carbon-chromium mid-layer, and a high-carbon top layer that is approximately 3/25000 of an inch thick.

All of this is to help the Club resist wear and tears, without ever influencing the performance of the Club, and presenting it flawlessly for a longer time.

This process is common in the oil drilling sector but PXG Xtreme dark is the first to be used in golf equipment manufacturing.

Finally, PXG uses

Robotic precision Technology.

Here, every iron in the lineup undergoes a precision robotic polishing and lase-wielding process.

This precise process creates a consistent sole and Face perimeter geometry with every other Club in the lineup.

Standard Specifications.

PXG provides different shaft and grips options to choose from.


Club Loft Standard Length (inches) Standard Lie Offset (inches) Bounce
4 22.5° 38.875″ 61.0° .130″
5 25° 38.25″ 61.5° .110″
6 28° 37.625″ 62.0° .090″
7 32° 37″ 62.5° .075″
8 36° 36.5″ 63.0° .058″
9 41° 36″ 63.5° .040″ 11°
W 46° 35.75″ 64.0° .020″ 12°
G 51° 35.5″ 64.0° .015″ 12°


The 0311 T Gen5 irons look really classic with a black aesthetic on the toe and heel and a silver tungsten weight scrolls, this obviously is to help move more weight to the heel and toes to create a higher MOI for more forgiveness.

Unlike the XP and the P model, the 0311 T Gen5 has a thin face model.



All the Clubs in this new line of the Gen5 irons are designed for performance and the T gen5 irons deliver great performance on the course with an amazing feel and pure sound. It delivers blazing speed and Distance.


The 0311 T Gen5 irons are the least of all the irons in this category when it comes to forgiveness.

Although it does offer forgiveness through the XCOR2 technology, it’s just not as pronounced as in the other models like the XP model.

By and large, the 0311 TGen5 irons are not the most forgiving irons, thus might not be a good choice if you are looking for a more forgiving iron set.


What Others Are Saying About The 0311 t Gen5 Irons.

There have been a couple of reactions here and there since the launch ch of PXG’s line of products. Generally, here are some of the things people like about the new 0311 T Gen5 Irons.


  • Outstanding Distance.
  • Fast Ball Speeds.
  • incredibly Workable.
  • Extremely High MOI, more so for a Blade-Style Club.
  • Incredibly Soft Feel with great sound at impact.


  • Not much forgiving.
  • Price look on the high side for an average guy on a tight budget.


Who Can Play The 0311 T Gen 5 irons?

This model of the 0311 T Gen5 irons is defined for the skilled/experienced players who want more control and workability in their irons.

It is not meant for an average golfer trying to figure out how to swing or a player who plays once in a blue moon or a player who still is struggling with slices.

It is not the most helpful set of irons, so if you are looking for forgiveness, you might check out the other irons in the Gen5 model.

Cost Of tHe Buy The Cost.

Starting from $349 per iron, you can get yourself the newest PXG irons, and in my opinion, these irons are not the cheapest to get, and neither are they the most costly.

To get the complete set of the new 0311 T Gen5 irons, you might have to cough out roughly $2,443 in total. Now that is not so cheap but then again, premium items don’t come cheap.


Where To Buy The 0311 T Gen5 Irons?

There are a number of places you can this Club, including the PXG Store and other top vendor stores on the internet.

For convenience sake and for the best shopping experience, my #1 and best-recommended place is to check the PXG Brand store on Amazon.com for the best offer.


Conclusively, the 0311 T Gen5 irons look great aesthetically and feature minimal offset, meaning no help for golfers with a tendency to slice.

It also has the thinnest sole of all the irons in this model, the Gen5 and from all features listed, you could tell it’s built for the skill players who want more workable irons.

Players seeking more forgiveness might want to look at the other irons in this model like the 0311 XP Gen5 model which is obviously more forgiving than this model.


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