Wilson D9 Drivers Review.

Welcome to the Wilson D9 Drivers Review.

The Wilson D9 Driver is honed to explosive distance and forgiveness, from tee-off to the fairway.

In this review, Our in-house correspondence takes you through the performance of the driver, touching also on some of the key features and technologies deployed into this club.

In the end, you should know whether this Club will be a good fit for your game and if it can help you enjoy your game.

Wilson D9 Drivers Review – Introduction.

Wilson golf is a top brand known for some of the best and premier Clubs around.

The D9 Driver from Wilson boasts of a larger than average Clubface culminating into a large sweet spot which can create more forgiveness for the player looking for forgiveness in their drive.

The D9 has a little bit more weight than the previous models which focused more on lightweight. It has about 310g  while the previous D7 has just 280g, that is a huge difference in weight.

Now, using special modeling software to simulate hundreds of different variations of Clubface, Wilson is able to come up with the D9 driver that is able to deliver higher speed, increased and maximum forgiveness.

Wilson D9 Drivers Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

Some of the key features and technologies found in the D9 driver are.

  • Maximum Distance Off More Of Face – Here, every inche of this Club; the D9 driver from Wilson sports is engineered for performance. The Clubface has been divided into series of fractal zones, and each of the zones is tuned for explosive speed and distance. The Peak Kinetic Response Face is optimized to deliver maximum forgiveness with increased ball speed like never before.
  • For enhanced Sound, Feel and maximum Performance, the three-layer [K]COMPOSITE CROWN is designed from Kevlar® and carbon fiber to neutralize or dampened vibration to create a solid feel and satisfying acoustics.  This Club is also incredibly lightweight, which means a lower center of gravity and faster clubhead speeds for better ball flight and more distance.

Standard Specifications.

There are 3 adjustable loft options in the D9 driver.

Here, golfers are able to adjust their lofts, plus or minus to get the shape of their shots.

Wilson golf is using the MITSUBISHI TENSEI CK BLUE as the standard stock shaft, and the  Lamkin Crossline Genesis as the standard stock grip.

CLUB 9.0º 10.5º 13.0º          
RH/LH RH RH/LH RH          
LIE (DEG) 58 58 58          
VOLUME (CC) 460 460 460          
LENGTH 45.625 45.625 45.625          
SWING WEIGHT D3 D3 D3          
(A-55 Series – 61g) // (R-60 Series – 64g) // (S-70 Series – 77g)


This Club looks powerful with a little larger Clubface than an average regular driver out there. It looks Classy with glossy black crown finish that looks great in the bag and behind the ball.

It has a round and balance shape, a carbon fiber weave in the middle and a curvature face that at first, might go un-noticed.

Overall, the D9 driver aesthetically apears quite appealing, in my opinion.



The D9 driver is a performance club built to deliver optimal distance from the Tee off.

It is performance quite well in the area of distance and forgiveness. A larger Clubface and sweetspot ensures more forgiveness on offcenter hits.


The Wilson D9 Driver is one of the most forgiving drivers available in the market.

It features Kinetic Response Face that is optimized to deliver both forgiveness and increased ball speed.

Besides, a larger clubface and an extended sweetspot create more forgiveness on offcenter hits.

Speeds & Distance.

Explosive Clubhead speeds make speed and distance a major selling point of the D9 driver from Wilson sports.

While on the course, I was extremely pleased with the speeds and the Distance I got swinging at 95mph.

What Others are saying about the D9 driver from Wilson Golf.

There has been a lot of reaction and feedback from the public since the release of this Club sometime in 2021.

The good thing is most of the feedback is positive, with lots of emphasis on distance and forgiveness.

overall, maximum distance, extreme forgivenes and lightweight are some of the attributes miost reviewers stated as the basis of granting the D9 driver a 5 stars rating.


  • Built for outstanding performance.
  • Delivers maximum distance.
  • Very forgiving.


  • Standard shaft options are limited.

Who can Play The D9 driver from Wilson Golf Golf?

This Club is designed to accommodate the player looking for Club that can deliver maximum distance.

I woud this club is a perfect fit for mid-high handicappers.

I should add also that,for its lightweight nature, it should fit well for senior golfers in their 70s looking for Clubs with lightweight Clubhead, yet delivers maximum distance and forgiveness.

Where To Buy The Wilson D9 Driver.

There are great places you can get this Club as well as others of your favorite Willson golf equipment.

For Convenience and the best shopping experience, I recommend checking the Wilson brand store on Amazon.com


Conclusively, the Wilson D9 Driver is of top quality, with a large sweet spot extending out towards the heel and toe to create more forgiveness.

This certainly is an ideal driver for a player looking for more help getting the ball up in the air and farther through the fairway.

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