Callaway Rogue ST Pro Hybrids Review.

Welcome to the Callaway Rogue ST Pro Hybrids review.

The Rogue ST Pro is a compact, better players Hybrid in the Rogue ST lineup which includes the standard Rogue ST Max Hybrid reviewed Here, the Rogue ST Max OS, and the Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrids Reviewed Here.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at this Club touching on some of the key features and technologies deployed into this club, as well as who the Rogue ST Pro can accommodate.

This review should help you decide if this Club is a good fit for your game.

Callaway Rogue ST Pro Hybrids Review – Introduction.

In continuation of its desire to push for excellence in all of its Hybrid Clubs, Callaway designed the Rogue ST Pro Hybrid to meet the golfing style of her Pro players.

This simply means that the Rogue ST Pro Hybrid is designed for the better and players. These are players that have some level of skills and ain’t necessarily looking for help or forgiveness in their Hybrids.

The Rogue ST Pro Hybrid features a fairway wood compact shaping, and a shallow face with a neutral CG(Center Of Gravity). It is simply the most workable Club in the entire Rogue ST Hybrid lineup released for 2022.


Callaway Rogue ST Pro Hybrids Review – Basic Features/ Technologies.

Callaway deployed similar Features and technologies used in other Rogue ST Hybrid models in powering the Rogue ST Pro.

Starting off is the Speed and Stability From Jailbreak Technology.

Here, the new A.I.-powered Jailbreak system has been redesigned for more speed and stability.

This new design saw the two Jailbreak frames pushed to the perimeter to provide stiffness while also allowing the face to flex to promote high ball speeds.

Furthermore, the new A. I face is optimized for speed, launch, and spin.

Here, Callaway has applied an all-new A. I to the high strength 445 Face cup and is optimized for speed, launch, and spin.

Callaway applied and Customized this unique face pattern for each model and loft in the hybrid lineup.

To promote Optimal launch with even more ball speed, Callaway deployed upto 24g of precision tungsten allowing for precise Center of Gravity (CG) locations, delivering optimal launch with even more ball speed.


There is also the refined shaping design featuring an iron-like shaping with a refined sole for better turf interaction.

Again, this Club has slightly stronger lofts and wide range of models, which is very perfect for the game-improvement golfer looking for breakthrough hybrid performance.

Standard Specifications.

There are 4 different Clubs with 4 different loft options in the Rogue ST Hybrid lineup as shown in the table below.

They all have fixed hosel so there is no adjustment or tuning to be made.

Callaway is using the Mitsubishi Tensei Av Blue 75 HB/IR as the standard stock shaft, while the Golf Pride – Tour Velvet 360 Grey Gap 55g is the standard stock grip.

As usual, there is room for custom-made fittings.

Full specifications of the Rogue ST Pro Hybrid Driver.

2H 18° RH ONLY 40.50″ 57.0° D3
3H 20° RH / LH 40.00″ 57.5° D3
4H 23° RH / LH 39.50″ 58.0° D3



Rogue ST Pro Hybrids

This Club looks beautiful both in the bag and behind the ball, just like all of the other Hybrids in the Rogue ST Lineup.

What seems to be the major difference with the Rogue ST Pro Hybrid is the compact head.

As compared to the other models in the Lineup, the Rogue ST Pro has a much smaller head than the much larger head of the Rogue ST Max OS and the OS Lite Hybrids.



Talking about the overall performance of the Rogue ST Pro Hybride, the experience for me on the green was awesome, and I particularly love how workable this Clubs is, the speed and distance are worth talking about.

As expected, it isn’t the most forgiving Club, and not many people expect that from a Club designed for better players, although I feel this Club offers some level of forgiveness by virtue of the A. I Technology optimized to deliver more ball speeds and high launch, that in itself is forgiveness.


Again, as mentioned earlier, this Club doesn’t offer much in the area of forgiveness, as it’s quite understood as it’s basically designed for players with some level of skills who may or may not need much forgiveness in their Hybrid.

If forgiveness is a major feature you are looking for in your Hybrid, you might want to check out the other Clubs in the Rogue ST Hybrid lineup, like the Rogue ST Max OS, reviewed HERE.

Speed & Distance.

The entire lineup of the Rogue ST Hybrid is designed and optimized for speeds and distance and the ST Pro Hybrid offers even speeds and distance compared to the models in the Rogue ST Hybrid lineup.

Hitting the 4 Hybrid, I was extremely delighted at the speeds and added distance I got swinging at my usual 94 mph. I was delighted to get 12 added yards, quite impressive.


What Others Are Saying About The Rogue ST Pro Hybrid.

As expected, there is much talk and feedback from the golfing community on the Aesthetic and on-the-green performance of the Rogue ST Pro.

One of the things generating most of the positive reviews and feedback on the Rogue ST Pro Hybrid is the outstanding speeds and Distance; this Clubs is white fast, and consistent at that.

Most people are quite pleased with the overall performance of the Rogue ST Pro Hybrid and are easily dropping a 5 stars rating.


  • Outstanding speed and added distance.
  • Highly workable.
  • Looks beautiful in the bad and behind the ball.


  • Obviously not suitable for beginner golfers.
  • Looks a little Pricey.

Who Can Play The Rogue ST Pro Hybrid?

As stated many times in this post, this Club isn’t designed for everyone, I mean every golfer.

Not for beginners who are still figuring out how to hold their grip or how to swing.

It is designed for the Pro, the better players who are looking for more clubhead speeds and added distance.

I recommend the Rogue ST Max OS and the OS Lite Hybrids for those just starting up in the game.

Where To Buy The Callaway Rogue ST Pro Hybrid.

There are lots of vendors that sell golf equipment including the Callaway Rogue ST Pro Hybride.

For Convenience and the best shopping experience, my best and # Recommended place is the Callaways Brand Store on


The Rogue ST Pro Hybrid wears a more compact shape and is aimed toward better players, and carries a more neutral CG (Center-Of-Gravity).

This Club is designed for more skillful players looking for more clubhead speeds and distance.

So, if more speed and more distance sound like what you are looking for in your Hybrid, then the new Rogue ST Pro Hybrids might be a great option for you.

If, however, you are looking for a more forgiving Hybrid, then you might want to check out the other model, Rogue ST Max OS Hybrid, as it offers more forgiveness and is a perfect fit for high handicappers.

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