Taylormade M4 2018 Drivers Review.

Welcome to the Taylormade M4 2018 drivers review.

Taylormade golf introduced the M4 driver as a replacement for the M2 Wood and featured a twist face technology.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the M4 driver, and its performance, touching briefly on some of the key features and technology deployed in this Club.

Although there are newer Taylormade models in the market, if you are still looking at the 2018 M4 driver, this review will help you decide if this club can be a good fit for your game.

Taylormade M4 2018 Drivers Review – Introduction.

The Taylormade M4 driver is a massive upgrade from the original M2 driver, which by the way, was also a huge success.

One of the major differences between the M4 drivers and the previous models is the twist face design.

The twist face design in the Taylormade M4 driver is basically aimed at helping golfers correct those shots that are hit off-center.

Using data from the previous models, Taylormade discovered golfers were having a hard time dealing with mishits, and by default, the twist face design will help correct that, and from everything we have seen, and of course, from all the available feedback, the M4 drivers has been a huge success so far.

Taylormade M4 2018 Drivers Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

Some of the key technologies that Taylormade deployed in developing the M4 driver include the Twist Face technology.

The new twist face technology is a revolutionary Twist Face/curvature designed by Taylormade to help correct shots hit off-center. With this correction, off-center strikes can now produce straighter and farther distances, just like any other shots.

There is also the Hammerhead Technology.

This is designed to increase the sweetspot, adding more ball speed as well as dropping all unwanted spin.

What Taylormade did here is to try and achieve a higher launch and low spin with the M4 driver.

This Hammerhead design creates a thinner face and an increased sweetspot that provides more ball speed on off-center hits.

Comparing the sweetspot on the M4 driver and the original M2 driver, you get about 67% more in the M4 driver than any previous model.

The M4 driver also features a new Geocoustic technology which was first introduced in the original M2 driver, and here, there is an increased weight back, about 41g of mass is pushed at the back for increased forgiveness.

Geocoustic engineering also allows for sound control helping the M4 driver to produce great sound at impact.




Standard Specification.

There are 3 different loft options in the M4 driver.

Taylormade is using the Fujikura Atmos Red as the standard stock shaft, while the Golf Pride Dual Feel is the standard stock grip.



M4 DRIVER 9.5° RH/LH 56° – 60° 460CC 45.75″ D3
M4 DRIVER 10.5° RH/LH 56° – 60° 460CC 45.75″ D3
M4 DRIVER 12° RH 56° – 60° 460CC 45.75″ D3


The 2018 M4 Looks great in the bag and behind the ball.

The new M4 driver might look closely similar to the previous M3 and M2 drivers but actually, it has a larger face leading to a much larger sweetspot.

Besides, the aesthetic feature of the M4 looks a little different previous M2 and M3, with a silver finish and a red/blue color scheme.


This Club is a performance Club designed as an upgrade from the original M2 driver, and other previous drivers, and has enhanced features to generate better performance.

Indeed, on the course, you would see increased forgiveness, more ball speeds, and better sound at impact, thanks to better technology and engineering.



The 2018 M4 driver is incredibly forgiving compared to previous models.

The twist face technology combined with the speed pocket gives the M4 driver increased forgiveness most high handicap golfers are looking for, and they would absolutely love it.

With this, shots hit off-center feel as good as any other shot, all thanks to the twist face technology.

Sound & Feel.

Using the advanced sole shaping techniques through Geocoustic technology, the 2018 M4 driver delivers an explosive sound and a soft yet solid feel at impact.

I was extremely pleased with the sound I got from the M4 driver.

Speeds & Distance.

Both speed and distance in this 2018 M4 driver are way better than what is obtained from the previous model.

Looks like the new twist face and the back weight system, together with the Hammerhead technology have all contributed to an increased ball speed and added distance.

What Others Are Saying About The 2018 M4 drivers from Taylormade.

From the many positive reviews from the golfing community, you could the impact of this Club is huge, as many people still prefer this Club to all of the newest models released by Taylormade, including the much talk about Taylormade Stealth Drivers.

Overall, accuracy, forgiveness, and reduced slices are some of the many positives of the 2018 M4 Drivers, based on most feedback and reviews gotten from the golfing community.

The Curved face( Twist face technology) deployed by Taylormade in this line of drivers seems to be doing magic and most high handicappers are loving the performance from it.


  • Incredibly forgiving.
  • Speed and Distance are great and better than the previous model.
  • Help reduce slices for those struggling with it.


  • Well, this Club is clearly designed for a low-skilled player, as such might not be suitable for a highly skilled player looking for more control and workability in their driver.
  • Again, the difference in terms of the overall performance of the M4 driver and the previous drivers is not much with the only notable difference being the twist face design.

Who Can Play The 2018 M4 Drivers From Taylormade?

To start off, if you are a high handicapper and you ain’t crazy about the latest piece of equipment but just looking for the Club to help perform better on the course, like reducing your slices, generating more ball speed and added distance, then, this Club is a good fit for you.


Where To Buy The 2018 M4 Driver?

There are quite a number of places you can get this Club, both online and offline.

For the sake of convenience and the best shopping experience, my #1 recommended place is the Taylormade Store on Amazon.com.


So, wrapping up things, the 2018 M4 driver is designed to help golfers looking to reduce their slices and correct their misses on off-center hits.

There are newer models of the Taylormade drivers but if you aren’t keen or crazy about newer Clubs, the 2018 M4 driver is perfect for helping you play better golf and experience more success especially as it concern ball speed and reduce slices.

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