PXG 0811 XF Gen4 Drivers Review.

Welcome to the PXG 0811 XF Gen4 drivers review.

PXG released the 0811 XF Gen4 drivers alone side the 0811 XT and the 0811 X Gen4 driver reviewed Here.

This review look at the overall performance of the PXG 0811 XF Gen4 drivers, touching on some of the key features and Technologies deployed by PXG in developing this Club.

PXG 0811 XF Gen4 Drivers Review – Introduction.

As mentioned, the PXG 0811 XF drivers are a little more forgiving than the Standard 0811 X drivers.

Actually, the XF here stands for Extreme Forgiveness, and it’s the most forgiving of all the drivers in the 0811 GEN4 lineups.

One of the significant difference between the 0811 Gen4 lineups and the 0811 Gen Prototype is, that while the Gen4 Prototype has 4 weight port behind the sole, the 0811 Gen4 drivers has only 3 weight ports on the sole.


PXG 0811 XF Gen4 Drivers Review – Basic Feature/Technologies.

So, talking technology in the 0811 XF Gen4 Drivers, PXG has got some really cool pieces of technologies in there, starting with the AV Carbon Fiber – AV Standing for Aluminum vapor, which basically is a technology that involves applying vaporized aluminum to carbon fiber inside a vacuum-sealed chamber.

Also, there is a built-in weight system known as the Precision weighting system with three weight ports in the sole to support weight adjustability, allowing golfers to experiment with heavier and lighter Clubs’ weights.

The PXG 0811 XF also features a distinctive Face design, with a larger and longer face toe-heel designed to deliver more confidence to the golfers and generate more ball speeds and distance even on a mishit.

Featuring also is an innovative head design, with a lower side profile, with a deep front-to-back head shape, that increases the MOI and a Low and back CG(Center of Gravity) for Xtreme forgiveness, optimal trajectory, and distance.

Finally, the hosels are adjustable and can change the loft (+/−) 1½ degrees to optimize the trajectory.

Standard Specifications.

There are 3 different loft options in the 0811 XF drivers, and all can be adjusted to the loft and lie of your choice.

Club Lofts Lie Length (Inches) Head Mass
0811 XF GEN4 60° 45.5″ 201g
0811 XF GEN4 10.5° 60° 45.5″ 201g
0811 XF GEN4 12° 60° 45.5″ 201g


The Easthetical design of this Club looks exactly like the two others in the 0811 GEN4 lineups, with all of them using the AV (Aluminum Vapo Carbon ) fiber Technology and a little bit of Titanium.

The 0811 XF Gen4 head design is a little larger when compared to both the 0811 XT and the 0811 X Gen4 drivers, and is obviously to create more forgiveness and maximizes distance even on a mishit. This should inspire enough confidence in any golfer.



The 00811 XF Gen4 driver is a high-performance Club and delivers pure feel and sound at impact.

Its forgiveness level is on a different level compared to both the 0811 X and the 0811 XT models, and generates great ball speeds and added carry distance.


One of the major distinctive features of the 0811 XF from the 0811 X model is the Extreme forgiveness in the 0811 XF model.

While the 0811 X Gen4 driver is forgiving, the 0811 XF has taken forgiveness an extra mile to give players looking for more forgiveness something to be proud of.

Speeds & Distance.

Fast Clubhead speed leads to fastball speed, which evidently leads to the total distance.

Although by design, the 0811 XT probably has the fastest clubhead speeds, the XF Driver is a no pushover when it comes to ball speeds and distance.

Tried out this Clun playing my regular 94mph and was pleasantly pleased to achieve extra 12 yards.

What Others Are Saying.

Not of the reactions, you get from the golfing community on many golf Clubs including the top-rated brands are all positive, but I tell you the reactions are feedback from the golfing community on the PCG 0811 XF Gen4 drivers are simply heartwarming.

I particularly love the fast clubhead speeds and the Xtreme forgiveness as it helps new golfers experience better success on the green.

You know golf is already not an easy sport, and getting a helpful Club to make your job a little easier is something to talk about.


  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Fastball speeds and outstanding Distance.
  • Great Sound and pure Feel.
  • High MOI and optimal Trajectory.
  • Adjustable hosel.


  • Might not be suitable for experienced golfers who want some kind of control and a more workable driver.

Who Can Play The 0811 XF Gen4 Drivers?

So this Club has proven to be a good fit for mid-high handicappers, some of which need the forgiveness features to swing the ball farther.

Highly skilled players might want to try this Club though, but they shouldn’t expect much in terms of workability and control. Highly skilled players would be better off playing the 0811 XT Gen4 drivers where they can fully control how the drivers respond to their playing style.

Where To Buy The PXG 0811 XF Gen4 Drivers.

So, if you are wondering where to get this Club, I want to say there are dozens of great places you can get your favorite PXG Clubs including this very one.

You can visit an offline vendor shop nearest to you where golf equipment is sold or if you are like dozens of other people who favor a good shopping experience, you might want to check on online shops.

For that, I recommend you visit the PXG Store on Amazon for the best shopping experience.

You can also choose to visit the PXG Official website to place your orders.




The entire line of PXG Gen4 drivers looks great and is engineered to help golfers of varying skills level achieve more distance with their drive.

And for the 0811 XF Gen4 driver, PXG combines Xtreme forgiveness with fast Clunhead Speeds and outstanding distance to produce a Club where golfers who need help driving farther shots can have all the help they need in Club to play better golf.

So, if Fast speeds, more distance, and Xtreme forgiveness are what you are looking for in a PXG Driver, the 0811 XF Gen4 driver can be a perfect fit for you.

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