PXG 0311 XP Gen3 Irons Review.

Welcome to the PXG 0311 XP Gen3 Irons Review.

Technology is revolutionalizing how the game of golf is played using modern technology-induced golf clubs.

In this review, we take a look at the PXG 0311 XP Gen3 Irons, touching on some of the key features and technologies that go into the Club to see what performance to expect from it, as well as what players this Club can accommodate.

This should help you decide if this Club is going to be a good fit for your game.

PXG 0311 XP Gen3 Irons Review-Introduction.

The PXG 0311 XP GEN3 Irons are the most forgiving of the 0311 Gen3 models with a larger internal cavity and more has the most offset.

They are obviously designed to accommodate mid-high handicappers looking for maximum forgiveness in their irons.

There are other 0311 Gen3 models like the 0311 T model designed for Ture players, the 0311 P model which obviously is more forgiving than the 0311 T model, designed for a player seeking a balance of distance and forgiveness.

PXG 0311 XP Gen3 Irons Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

The 0311 XP Gen3 Irons features a number of technologies and innovations to give the 0311 XP iron such a premium performance.

There is the Impact reactor Technology powered by a dual-core system that supports face deflection during impact resulting in more energy to the ball for speeds and distance without sacrificing the soft feel and sound.

Both the inner and outer Cor systems are optimized for increased ball speeds and distance while maintaining an unbelievably pure and solid feel at impact.

Standard Specifications.

PXG provides different shaft and grips options for different levels of golfers to choose from.


Table showing the 0311 XP Gen3 full specifications.

3 40 17° 60° 0.275°
4 39⅜ 19° 60.5° 0.240°
5 38¾ 21° 61° 0.210°
6 38⅛ 24° 61.5° 0.180°
7 37½ 28° 62° 0.150°
8 37 32° 62.5° 10° 0.120°
9 36½ 37° 63° 11° 0.095°
W 36¼ 42° 63.5° 12° 0.070°
G 36 48° 63.5° 12° 0.060°



PXG 0311 XP Gen3

In the bag, it’s hard to distinguish by appearance between the 0311 XP Gen3 and other models in the 0311 Gen3 lineup, but on a closer look, you could tell the XP Gen3 Irons have larger Clubheads, with the most offset to curb slices.


Measuring performance based on the level of forgiveness, ball speeds, and added distance, the PXG 0311 XP irons feature significant offset, a long blade length, and a sweet spot larger to deliver extreme performance.



The 0311 XP Gen 3 irons are incredibly forgiving and can actually be a top contender for the most forgiving game improvement irons even at this moment.

The 0311 XP Irons features PXG’s patented Impact Reactor Technology to deliver massive distance and forgiveness and an expanded sweetspot for extreme forgiveness even on a mishit.

Speeds & Distance.

The PGX 0311 XP Gen3 irons are optimized for speeds and Distance using the Impact reactor Technology powered by a DualCor system which helps to deliver explosive ball speeds and added distance while still maintaining a soft feel and sound at impact.



What Others Are Saying About The PXG 0311 XP Irons.

As expected, there are a few reactions from the golfing community on the 0311 XP Irons with many opining that they have had lots of improvement playing this Club.



  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Ball speeds and Distance is fair.


  • Might not be suitable for the highly skilled players.

Who Can Play The PXG 0311 XP Gen3 Irons.

So, basically, there 0311 XP Gen3 Irons can be played by a wide range of players of diverse skill levels including highly skilled players.

However, this Club would be more valuable to the player looking for more ball speeds, distance, and extreme forgiveness in their irons.

Mid-high handicappers as well as some recreational golfers who rarely practice might find the extreme forgiveness feature in this Club valuable.


Where To Buy The PXG 0311 XP Gen 3 Irons.

Again, there are countless options available when looking to buy your golf Clubs whether you are buying for the first time or you want to replace an aging Club with a new set.

You could explore the offline option by visiting a local golf shop Closest to you or you can choose the most convenient option which is by placing an order online.

To Place your Order online, You can check the PXG Store on Amazon.com for your PXG 0311 XP Gen3 Irons.



The PXG 0311 XP Gen3 Irons are the most forgiving of the Gen3 models are can be a perfect choice for any player seeking explosive ball speed and maximum forgiveness in their irons.

If you are looking for newer PXG irons that deliver even better speeds, distance, and forgiveness, you can check out the PXG 0211 DC Irons reviewed earlier HERE.

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