Callaway Epic Super Hybrid Review.

Welcome to my Callaway Epic Super Hybrid Review.

The Epic Super Hybrid is more versatile compared to the original Hybrid and offers the DNA and Technology of a driver, and until recently, was the most technologically advanced Hybrid ever, according to Callaway golf.

In this review, we look at the performance of the Epic Super Hybrid, touching on some of the key features and technologies deployed in this Club. We’ll also look at what kind of players should be playing the Epic Super Hybrid. This should help you decide if this Club were a good fit for your game.

Callaway Epic Super Hybrid Review – Introduction.

Callaway EPIC Super Hybrid is designed to accommodate players looking for more distance and forgiveness in their Hybrid.

It features an A. I designed a flash face and a Titanium body that promote optimal ball speeds and extreme forgiveness.

It could be a great choice for those looking for an easy and high launch Club that delivers great speeds and distance even on off-center hits.

Callaway Epic Super Hybrid Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

Key features and technologies deployed by Callaway golf to power the Epic Super Hybrid include:

First, we look at the construction of the new Epic Super Hybrid using the new Titanium Flash Face Technology which is A. I. powered to deliver exceptional ball speed, distance, and launch, like never seen before.

Callway also deployed their A.I Jailbreak and Velocity blade technology combined with titanium Flash Face and titanium body to deliver exceptional ball speeds, more distance and high and easy launch.

Featured in this new Epic super Hybrid is a extreme tungsten weighting, up to 90 grams of tungsten weighting in the toe of the Club making it super stable, more figiveness and hot penetrating ball flight.

Finally, there is the adjustable hosel using the OptiFit 3 Hosel that allows you to Dial in the ball flight and launch that you like, distances, trajectory and shot shape.


Standard Specifications.

There are 5 different loft options available in the Epic Super Hybrid clubs and each of these lofts can be adjusted to – 1 degree, +1, or +2 degrees of lofts and lie.

Callaway is using Steel fiber FC Hybrids 60/70/80 as the standard stock shaft, and the Lamkin UTx 52gram as the standard stock grip.

The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid full specifications.

2H 16° RH ONLY 41.50″ 56.5° D2
3H 18° RH / LH 40.875” 57.25° D2
4H 21° RH / LH 40.25″ 58.0° D2
5H 24° RH / LH 39.625” 58.75° D2
6H 27° RH ONLY 39.00″ 59.5° D2





Callaway Epic Super Hybrid

The Epic Super Hybrid club looks beautiful, a little bigger compared to other Hybrid and a bit of a rounded shape, similar to fairway wood.

It is a kind of long from front to back and when compared with the original Super Hybrid, the Epic Super Hybrid wears a boxy appearance.

Overall, the Epic Super Hybrid finishing is nothing short of Classic, in my opinion.



Moving beyond the beautiful design, let’s look at how the Epic Super Hybrid club performs on the course.

Measuring the performance of the Epic Super Hybrid on forgiveness, Speeds and Distance, this Club definitely out performance the competition


The Epic Super Hybrid club is extremely forgiving and the ball flight is great, and can be a great fit for mid-High handicap golfers looking for more forgiveness.

Callway deployed up to 90 grams of tungsten weighting in the toe of the Club for increased forgiveness and stability.

Speeds & Distance.

One of the strongest points of the Epic Super Hybrid is the exceptional ball speed and distance.

Callaway combines Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades, a titanium Flash Face, along with a titanium body to deliver such incredible feat never seen before in Hybrids.

What Others are saying about the Epic Super Hybrid.

There are a lot of reviews and feedback from the golfing community on the Epic Super Hybrid with lots of positives.

Most people who have played and love the Epic Super Hybrid confirm one of the things they loved about this Club is how easy it is to hit and the added speeds and Distance they got from the Epic Super Hybrid.



  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Easy to hit.
  • Great Ball speeds and Distance.



  • Might not be good for the highly skilled players looking for a more workable Hybrid.

Who Can Play The Epic Super Hybrid.

The Epic Super Hybrid is obviously a good fit for those looking for speed, added Distance, and extreme forgiveness.

Unlike the first Callaway Super Hybrid Club that leans more towards the better player, the Epic Super Hybrids targets a larger niche, the mid-high handicappers looking to play a Hybrid that is easy to launch and that delivers great ball speeds and Distance.

So, if you Love a Hybrid that delivers massive speed and distance, and that is forgiving and easy to hit, then the Epic Super Hybrid Club is meant for you.

Where To Buy The Epic Super Hybrid.

There are lots of options to choose from when looking to buy favorite golf equipment.

There are online and offline options. For convenience sake, my best-recommended place to buy your Epic Super Hybrid is on the Callaway brand store on


Most new golfers are looking for a club that is easier to hit, yet delivers excellent ball speeds and added distance.

The Epic Super Hybrid is one club you can count on to deliver not just speed and distance, it’s extremely forgiving and can be a great choice for the slow swing player who needs help getting the ball farther down the fairway.

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