Cobra Air-X Fairway Wood Review.

Welcome to the Cobra Air-X fairway wood.

The Air-X Fairway wood is one of the Clubs in the Cobra Air-X lineup comprising the Air-X irons, the Air-X drivers, and the Air-X Hybrids reviewed HERE.

This review looks at what performance to expect from the Air-X Fairway wood, touching on some of the Technologies and key features deployed in this club.

This should help you determine if the Air-X Fairway wood is a good fit for your game.

Cobra Air-X Fairway Wood Review – Introduction.

Like the rest of the Clubs in the Air-X lineup, the Cobra Air-X fairway wood is Lightweight and designed Using lighter carbon crown materials to create a lighter head, a 48-gram lighter shaft, and a 41-gram grip.

The result is significantly lighter and easier to swing Clubs when compared to a traditional fairway.

Crowning it all up, the Air-X fairway is offsets-designed to help golfers who need help with slices straighten up their shots.

 Cobra Air-X Fairway Wood Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

Cobra designed the Air-X Fairway wood using some of its latest technologies to power a premium performance.

Starting off, the Air-X Fairway features an extremely lightweight design, using a lighter head, shaft (48g), and grip (41g) that makes the Air-x fairway club feel significantly lighter and easier to swing compared to the traditional fairway Clubs.


To create a light-headed Club that delivers faster speed from the air, Cobra golf used a premium

m lighter carbon crown material, with 2 grams of additional weight removed from the heel of the Club.

To create a draw bias for those who need it, there is a back-heel weighting system that repositions weight at the back and heel of the Club. This localized weight system also creates stability on off-center hits.

Finally, there is a new hosel design with a 20% more offset design to help those with the Challenge of slicing to straighten their shots and find more fairway.

Standard specifications.

Cobra golf provides 3 different loft options with the Air-X Fairway wood.

There are the 16, 20, and 23 degrees loft options.


Model Loft Lie Angle Length Swing
Volume Stock
3 F 16.0° 57.0° 43.00″ D0 173cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
5 F 20.0° 58.0° 42.50″ D0 165cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
7 F 23.0° 59.0° 42.00″ D0 159cc S, R, Lite RH



Looking at the overall performance of the Air-X Fairway wood performance incredibly well, especially with added Clubhead speed, and distance forgiveness.


The forgiveness performance of the Air-X Fairway is incredible. I feel the entire line of the Air-X lineup is powered for absolute forgiveness, explosive ball speed, and massive distance.

I got added distance swinging this club.

Speeds & Distance.

Will the Air-X Fairway wood give you added speeds and distance?

Oh yes, the Air-X Fairway wood is lightweight, easy to swing, delivers incredible speeds and distance, and is, absolutely a great club to help with more ball speed for the beginner golfer, as well as the improving golfer that needs help taking their fairway, drives farther.

What People Are Saying About The Air-X Fairway Wood.

Like the previous lightweight fairway models from Cobra, the new Air-X models are generating lots of reactions and positive feedback from the golfing community.

Many beginners and very senior golfers who have struggled with slices and slow swing speed have experienced great improvement in their games playing the Air-X Fairway wood.

Little or no surprise to see loads of 5 stars ratings on popular vendor stores and ratings from persons we have had a one on one conversations with.


  • Lightweight and very easy to launch.
  • Optimized for increased clubhead speeds and added distance.
  • Very Forgiving.
  • A perfect fit for slow-speed swingers and senior ladies in their 70s and above.


  • Might not be suitable for experienced golfers because of a lack of workability and control.

Who Should Play The Air-X Fairway wood?

This question comes up once in a while each time we discuss golf clubs with friends, they want to know the type of players that should be golfing with what type of golf clubs.

For the Air-X Fairway, it’s pretty much simple who should be golfing with the Club.

Cobra gives the Air-X fairway a lightweight design that, is meant to be easy to swing, generates more Clunhead speeds, and picks up more distance with each swing.

Most experienced golfers don’t need help driving their balls farther, and have no problem swinging a much heavier club.

The people that would enjoy the Air-X Fairway Club are the beginners, the high handicappers, and the senior golfers looking for easy to swing, and lightweight Clubs.

Where To Buy The Air-X Fairway wood.

There are several options when it comes to where to buy your golf equipment.

These options can either be online or in a physical location.

If you choose to get it from a physical store or in golf club, be sure to test it out to be sure you are paying for the right item.

For Air-X Fairway wood, you might want to check out the Cobra store for your Club and other accessories.

For convenience sake, and for the best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place to get all your Air-X Fairway wood is the Cobra Store on


Conclusively, the Air-X fairway wood is lightweight and suitable for those starting up in the game, as well as those needing help taking their swing farther. These could be some of the best best golf clubs for senior women golfers.

If you have played the Air-X fairway, kindly drop a comment here sharing your experience with us.

In the next posts we will review other senior ladies hybrid golf clubs..


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