Taylormade Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs Review.

Welcome to the review of the Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs from Taylormade.

The SIM and SIM 2 rescue Clubs launched last year were a huge success and Taylormade is building on the success recording from the SIM and SIM 2 Rescue Clubs.

This review takes you through the performance of the Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs, touching on key features and key technologies to see if the Stealth Plus Rescue Club will be a good fit for your game.

Taylormade Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs Review – Introduction.

The Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs is one of the Two Rescue Clubs released for 2022 by Taylormade.

While the Standard Stealth Rescue is a good fit for mid-high handicappers looking for more forgiveness, the Stealth Plus Rescue club is designed to accommodate the more Accomplished/better players who want a Hybrid-Iron styled Club that delivers added distance without sacrificing control and workability.


Taylormade Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs – Basic Features/Technology.

Image Credit: Taylormade Golf

The Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs are engineered to complement the performance of the Stealth Fairway wood and deployed similar features and technology as the Standard Stealth Rescue Club with the difference being in how these features are deployed.

Looking at the features and Technologies deployed in the Stealth Plus Rescue, there is the V steel Sole design.

The V steel Sole design is a refined weight distribution that reposition weight low in the Club for optimal launch properties enhanced turf interaction.

Featuring also is the C300 Steel Twist Face.

The ultra-strong C300 steel face is engineered to deliver explosive ball speeds, and is paired with twist face, which is a corrective face curvature designed to help the golfer deliver straighter shorts on mis-hit.

There iis also the Thru-slot speed pocket.

This is Taylormades most flexible speed pocket engineered to maximize ball speeds while also providing additional forgiveness on low face shots.

Finally, there is the adjustable loft sleeve, which is one of the major features that distinguish the Stealth Plus Rescue from the standard Stealth Rescue.

This allows for an adjustment of +/- upto 1.5°



Standrad Specification.

There are 3 different loft options in the Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs.

Unlike the standard Stealth Rescue Club, the Stealth Plus Rescue has an adjustable hosel where players can adjust by either adding or decreasing the loft by as many as 1.5°.

Taylormade is using the Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Red as the standard stock shaft.

Taylormade Stealth Plus Rescue
X 80g 2.2 .370 Mid Mid
S 80g 2.4 .370 Mid Mid
Image credit: Taylormade Golf.

while the Lamkin Crossline 360 Black/Red is the standard stock grip.

Lamkin Crossline 360 Black/Red
Crossline 360 Black/Red Standard 50g Round .600 Textured
Image credit: Taylormade golf.

As always, there is an option for a custom-made shaft and grip.


The Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs’ full able specification.

Stealth Plus Rescue 2 17° RH 56.5°-59.5° 40.75″ D3
Stealth Plus Rescue 3 19.5° RH/LH 57°-60° 40.25″ D3
Stealth Plus Rescue 4 22° RH/LH 57.5°-60.5° 39.75″ D3


Taylormade Stealth Plus Rescue

The Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs look clean at the address and in the bag

Taylormade did an amazing job in shaping this club.



The Stealth Plus Rescue, when placed behind the ball delivers incredible distance



Even as a Club built for the better player, the Stealth Plus Rescue does offer forgiveness.

The weight repositioning feature and the Thru-slot speed pocket feature both produce an additional level of Forgiveness.

You may not get the maximum forgiveness of the standard Stealth Rescue Club but for a better players club, it does provide forgiveness.

Speed & Distance.

Both the standard Stealth Rescue and the Stealth Plus Rescue Clubs are built, by default, to deliver speed and distance.

The Stealth Plus Rescue featured an ultra-strong C300 Steel face that delivers powerful ball speed and is paired with Twist Face®, the corrective face curvature designed to deliver straighter shots on mis-hits.

Then tthere is the Thru-slot speed pocket system that is engineered to produce maximum ball speeds.


What Others Saying About The Stealth Plus Rescue Club.

As expected, there are few reactions from the golfing community most especially Taylormade enthusiasts on the performance of the Stealth Plus Rescue Club.



  • Optimate for Spped and Distance.
  • Easy to launch.
  • Forgiving.


  • Pricey

Who Can Play The Stealth Plus Rescue Club?

As stated at the beginning of this post, the Stealth Plus Rescue Club is designed for more accomplished or better players looking for a Hybrid-Iron styled Club, easy to launch, forgiving with control and workability.

Better players want both control and workability in their Clubs, and that’s what the Stealth Plus Rescue Club offers.

Mid-High Handicappers might want to play the Stealth Plus Rescue Club but they should not expect to find much help from the Stealth Plus as it’s designed with the better players in mind.


Where To Buy The Stealth Plus Rescue Club.

There are tons of options available if you are looking to buy the Stealth Plus Rescue Club from Taylormade.

There is the online option and the offline/physical location option.

If you to explore the physical location option, you may need to visit a nearby store where golf equipment is sold and ask if you could get the Stealth Plus Rescue Club.

Make sure you test out the Club and select the right fittings before leaving the store.

My #1 and best-recommended place when buying online is on Amazon.com.

However, there are other reputable vendors online you can as well check out including on the Taylormade website.

Visit the Taylormade Brand store on Amazon below.




Conclusively, the Stealth Plus Club is an improvement from the previous models especially the SIM and SIM 2 Rescue Clubs.

Better players who desire a club that is styled in the form of Hybrid-Iron, delivering the performance and forgiveness of both Clubs now have something to be proud of.


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