Taylormade Stealth Fairway Review.

Welcome to my Taylormade stealth fairway wood review.

Building on the huge success of the previous Fairway wood especially the SIM and the m4 models, Taylormade has released to the market an upgraded Lineup called the Stealth Fairway.

This comprises the standard Stealth Fairway, the Stealth Plus fairway, and the Stealth women fairway designed to accommodate women golfers.

In this review, we will go over some of the key features and technology to determine if this Club is a good fit for your game.


Taylormade Stealth Fairway Review – Introduction.

Unlike the Stealth plus fairway wood which is built for skilled players, the Stealth Fairway wood by Taylormade is designed to accommodate mid-high handicappers looking for more ball speeds, added distance, and maximum forgiveness in their Fairway.


Taylormade Stealth Fairway Review – Basic Features/Technology.

Credit Image: Taylormade golf.

The Stealth Fairway wood is built for maximum forgiveness and has similar features and technology with the Stealth Plus fairway earlier reviewed HERE.

It features a V steel Sole design which is a refined weight distribution to enhanced forgiveness while maintaining optimal launch and improved turf interaction and versatility.

Featuring also is the 3D Carbo crown that pulls mass away from the high toe area where its not needed much, allowing it to be re-position more weight reawared for maximum forgiveness and optimal playability.

Taylormade also featured a new advanced laser etched alignment aid to the top of the face making the face of the Stealth Fairway wood more distinctive relative to the crown of the Club for boosted confidence and accurate aim.

There is also the Twist face technology that uses corrective face angle on the heels and toes of the Club to overcome the inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits, and help golfers produce straighter shots.

Finally, the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket on the sole of the Stealth Fairway wood is Taylormade must flexible speed pocket, its aimed at maximising ball speed and distance as well as produce additional forgiveness especially on shots hit low on the Clubface.


Standard Specification.

There are 5 different loft options available on the Standard Stealth fairway wood from Taylormade. The Clubs are fixed, the shafts are glued to the head with no adjustability.


Taylormade is using the Fujikura Venture Red(6 FW X, S & 5 FW, R, A) as their standard stock shaft, and the Lamkin Crossline Black/Red (50g/0.600 Round) as the standard stock grip.

As always, there are options for costum-made Shaft and grips.



Taylormade Stealth Fairway Wood Full specification.

Stealth Fairway  3 15° RH/LH 59° 190cc 43.25″ D3
Stealth Fairway 3HL 16.5° RH/LH 59° 190cc 43.25″ D3
Stealth Fairway 5 18° RH/LH 59.5° 165cc 42.25″ D3
Stealth Fairway 7 21° RH 60° 165cc 41.75″ D3
Stealth Fairway 9 24° RH 60.5° 155cc 41.25″ D3




The Stealth Fairway wood turned out really gorgeous both in the bag and at address.

It has a 3D carbon crown that wraps around the toe of the club bringing out the beauty of the Club.



When you talk about Club performance, you are looking at indices like Clubs speed that result in distance, look at the level of forgiveness a club offers, and the swing rate.

The Stealth Fairway delivers incredibly on the course




The Stealth Fairway wood offers maximum forgiveness through the 3D crown that move mass from the high toe area where its not needed much, allowing it to be re-positioned reawared for optimal forgiveness and maximum playability.

Also, by default, the V Steel design is updated to enhance forgiveness while still maintaining optimal launch properties and improved turf interaction and versatility.

The Stealth Fairway is engineered to provide maximun forgiveness without sacrificing ball speeds and distance.

Taylormade Stealth Fairway wood is actually in a top position when listing top performing fairway woods for 2022.


Speed & Distance.

Looking at the speed of the clubhead that results in ball speeds and eventually, distance, Taylormade featured a thru-slot speed pocket system to maximize speed and produce additional forgiveness, especially on shots that hits low on the face(Miss hits).


What Are Others Saying About The Stealth Fairway.

There are quite a number of reactions from the golfing community on the overall performance of the Stealth Fairway wood from Taylormade.

Many golfers believe the Stealth Fairway delivers great performance on the, you got the added swings speeds that results to faster ball speed and added distance.



  • Optimized for maximum forgiveness.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Clunhead speed is great.


  • Control imight be a major proble

Who Can Play the Stealth Fairway Wood?

With technology, you dot necessarily need the skill of the old Scottish professionals to have success playing the game of golf.

By default, the Stealth Fairway club is designed for Mid-high handicappers looking for more speeds and maximum forgiveness in their fairway.


Where To Buy The Stealth Fairway.

There are tons of places you can get your favorite TaylorMade Stealth Fairway wood.

You can get it from any vendor selling golf equipment online or you visit a physical store to ask if you can get the Stealth Fairway wood.

For convenience sake and for the best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place to shop for your golf equipment including the Stealth Fairway wood is on the Taylormade store on Amazon.com.


Great Club that is easy to swing, massive added distance, maximum forgiveness and excellent turf interaction.

The Stealth Fairway wood is built from Carbon DNA and with advanced multi-material construction, the Stealth fairway wood creates a MOI performance and precision.

As a player with double digit handicap, the Stealth fairway wood is preferred over the Stealth Plus fairway wood because of the friendly functionalities in the Stealth fairway as against the Styealth Plus fairway.

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