Cobra Air X Hybrid Review.

Welcome to the Cobra Air X Hybrid Review.

In this review, I will go through the setup of the Cobra Air X Hybrid, touching on key features and key technologies to see what performance to expect from the Air X Hybrid.

This will help you determine if the Cobra Air X Hybrid Club is a good fit for your game.


Cobra Air X Hybrid Reviews – Introduction.

The Air X Hybrid from Cobra golf is designed to accommodate players looking at added Club head speeds for added distance.

It is a lightweight Club with moderate offset to help tackle Slices, thus, a great option for golfers, mostly mid-high handicappers who struggle with swings speed and also players who want to reduce their slice.

Cobra Air X Hybrid Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

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Going over some of the key features and technologies, that Cobra golf features, just like In the Air X irons, the lightweight design cobra is using a lighter head, lighter Shaft(48g), and a lighter grip(41g) to make the Air X Hybrid feel significantly lighter, thus, easy to swing.

Featuring also us a new thin Forged face insert that enhances ball speeds for easy and smoother swings.

To create stability and Draw bias, Cobra engineers located mass behind the back and heel of the Club.

Added to that is an Offset hostel to help golfers reduce or even eliminate slices for straighter and more accurate shots.



Standard Specification.

The New Cobra Air X Hybrid Club is available from the 3Hybrids to the 7Hybrids.

Cobra is using the new Cobra Ultralite 50-S, R,(Regular and stiff Flex), Ultralite 45-A (Senior Flex), as the standard stock shaft, while the Lamkin REL standard (58R) Black weighing 41g is the standard stock grip.



Cobra Air X Hybrid Full Specification.

Model Loft Lie Angle Length Swing
Volume Stock
3H 19.0° 59.0° 40.50″ C7.5 117cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
4H 22.0° 59.5° 39.75″ C7.5 116cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
5H 25.0° 60.0° 39.00″ C7.5 115cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
6H 28.0° 60.5° 38.50″ C7.5 112cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
7H 31.0° 61.0° 38.00″ C7.5 112cc S, R, Lite RH



The Air X Hybrid looks quite beautiful in the bag and when put at address.

It is an offset Hybrid club but it’s hardly noticed at address.



The Air X Hybrid delivers great performance with offset helping reduce slices for those that struggle with straight shots.

It is forgiving and the ball speeds and stability are great.



Cobra Air-X Hybrid Review

The Air X Hybrid from Cobra golf is designed by default to deliver massive forgiveness.

Strikes on off-center hits get as much distance as any well-stricken shot.

Cobra achieves this by repositioning weight at the back and heel of the Air-x Hybrids.

Also, there is an offset, about 20% more offset to reduce or eliminate slices and achieve straighter shots.

Sound & Feel.

The Sound of the Air X Hybrid is a little bit muted at impact, it’s solid and doesn’t appear like the traditional hybrid Club.

Speeds & Distance.

One of the things, I feel, you can not take away from the Cobra Air X Hybrid is the massive added ball speeds that culminate into added Distance.

To enhanced speeds, Cobra features a lightweight design and a thin forged face insert that’s easy to swing.

What Others are saying about the Cobra Air X Hybrid.

There is always something people like and doesn’t like about every single club, and the Air X Hybrid is not an Exception.

Most people are dropping a 5-star rating on the Cobra Air-X Hybrids because of how lightweight and easy it is to win it, especially senior golfers in their 70s and above.

A lightweight club means you can swing your club without having to exert too much energy which is a perfect option for those with low swing speed.



  • Features offset to reduce or eliminate slices.
  • Optimize for forgiveness.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing.


  • Most Clubs designed for Mid-high handicappers are designed to act a certain way, not giving the skill players the freedom to shape shots they way they want. The Air-X Hybrid is no difference hence better players might not havea good experience golfing with the Cobra Air-X Hybrid.

Who Can the Air X Hybrid.

This question is always going to come up as people naturally want to know which Clubs are for which category of players.

With Offset and a lightweight design, the Cobra Air X Hybrid can be played by any player looking for added Clubhead speed for more distance and also, players looking to reduce or maybe eliminate their slices.

Improving players with double digits handicaps might find lots of help golfing with the Cobra Air X Hybrid Club.

Where To Buy The Cobra Air X Hybrid.

So, where can I get the Cobra Air X Hybrid?

There is literally tons of places you can get your favorite Air X Hybrid including walking into a local store to ask.

Alternatively, and for convenience sake and the best shopping experience, I suggest you check the Cobra golf online store on


Conclusively, the Air X Hybrid looks and performs incredibly well, and can be a perfect option for improving players looking for added Clubhead speed for more distance and forgiveness.

Lightweight, more clubhead speed resulting to added distance, very forgiving; If playing a Club with these attributes will help you play better and enjoy more success on the Course, then the Air-X Hybrid presents a great option.

Drop a comment below if you have played the Cobra Air-X Hybrid.

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