Mizuno ST-X 220 Drivers Review.

Welcome to my Mizuno ST-X 220 Drivers Reviews where I am going to go through the setup of the Mizuno ST-X 220Drivers, touching on key features and key technologies to see if they can be a good fit for your game.

Mizuno ST-X 220 Drivers Review – Introduction.


Riding on the success of the 2021 ST-X drives which were more forgiving from the previous ones, and obviously received more recommendations, Mizuno golf, for the 2022 season, released another ST-X model, the Mizuno ST-X 220 Drivers.

These drivers, going by what we here have seen and the persons we have interacted with, are more forgiving than the previous models.

With this, Mizuno is gradually registering its presence strongly and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the area of Golf Drivers.

Already, when it comes to Golf Irons, the Mizuno brand cant be overlooked as its presence is felt especially with the Mizuno JPX 921 and the Mizuno Pro Irons, which is becoming a favorite, especially among the younger generation of golfers.


Mizuno ST-X 220 Drivers Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

Image Credit: Mizuno Golf.

Mizuno ST-X220 drivers are designed for golfers seeking more draw bias, and features amazing innovation to give the premium performance it has.

The Expanded Carbon Sole area by 40% that thins out the Titanium portion and makes the backweight nearly twice as heavy, makes the ST-X 220 more forgiving than the previous Mizuno models

The ST-X 220 Drivers features what Mizuno golf called ‘X-axis Design, and that’s what created the draw Bias performance.

The X-axis design is focused deep internally and in the heel of the Clubs, and that’s what gives this clubs its draw bias design.

Featuring in the ST-X 220 Drivers also is a slightly rounded Modern GI profile which is a full 460cc volume that promotes high launch.

The ST-X 220 Drivers also have a highly resilient Forged SAT2041 Beta Ti Face for increased ball speeds and longer drive.

Mizuno also optimized their Wave sole design to increase ball speed, especially on off-center hits.

Standard Specifications.

Mizuno ST-X 220 Drivers are available in two loft options, 10.5 & 12 degrees.

Both allow for adjustment as they both can be adjusted +/- and can as well be put into an upright position to enhance the draw bias.


Mizuno is providing different shaft options while using the Lamkin ST Hybrid 360 as the standard stock grip.

ST-X 220 Drivers Full Specification.

Model Loft Range° Lie Range CC Length (inch)
ST-X 220 10.5 8.5-12.5 59.0-62.0 460 45
ST-X 220 12.0 10.0-14.0 59.0-62.0 460 45
ST-X 220 10.5 J Spec 8.5-12.5 59.0-62.0 460 45.75
ST-X 220 12.0 J Spec 10.0-14.0 59.0-62.0 460 45.75



The ST-X 220 driver has a very handsome, classic both in the bag and at address, it set out clean behind the golf ball.

Comparing the ST-X 220 and the previous Standard ST-X , the ST-X 220 driver feature a new sole weight and aaslo weras a slightly different shape. It also offers a different shaft and grip options.



So, how do the Mizuno ST-X 220 Drivers performs when compared with other similar brands and models in the market?

The ST-X 220 definitely turn out to out performand the previous ST-X model on all fronts, from forgiveness to speeds and distance. Its a massive improvement from the previous model.



Are the Mizuno ST-X drivers more forgiving than the previous models?

Absolutely, the ST-X 220 has an expanded carbon Sole, by 40% that thins out the Titanium portion and makes the backweight nearly twice as heavy, making the Club more stable on off-center hits.

Sound and Feel.

Like all Mizuno products, the ST-X 220 has an excellent feel and sound at impact, and this is due to Mizunos Harmonic Impact Research that can identify and isolate vibration, transmitting only the good vibration to the players providing better feedback.


Speeds and Distance.

The ST-X 220 Drivers, empowered by a Forged SAT2041 Beta Ti Face to increase ball speeds and Distance.

draw-biased driver with heel focussed weight location, and an optimized wave sole are all geared toward making the ST-X 220 deliver incredible ball speeds even mishits.

By and large, from the CORTECH, SAT2041 Beta Titanium, WAVE, and CT ribs contribute to higher speed and larger CORAREAthat make the ST-X 220 drivers easy to launch and delivers increased ball speeds and more Distance.

What others Are Saying About The ST-X 220 Drivers.

As expected, there are a few feedback and reactions from the golfing world to the performance of the ST-X 220 irons.



  • Beautiful both in the bag and at address.
  • Easy to launch.
  • Optimized for speeds, Distance, and stability.
  • Great for modearte swing speed golfers needed help with more ball flight.


  • Not as playable as other similar models in the market.

Who Can Play The Mizuno ST-X 220.

Image credit: Mizuno golf.

So, the ST X220 driver is a draw bias Club and is a great option for players looking to increase their left to right shot add-on or reduce their miss to the right.

Its also might appeal to players with moderate swing speed needing help to produce a more extended ball flight.

Senior golfers and mid-high handicap golfers might enjoy this feature, although Mizuno has the J-Spec option with ultra -lightweight HeLIUM NanoCore shaft for seniors and slower swing speeds for these category of golfers, but the ST-X 220 drivers isn’t a bad option, too.


Where you can buy your Mizuno ST Irons:

There are quite a number of places you can get your ST-X 220 Drivers including walking into a nearby local golf shop to see if you can find one.

Alternatively, you can check on the Mizuno online shop for your ST-X 220 drivers.

For convenience purposes, my best-recommended place to buy your Mizuno ST-X 220 drivers is through Amazo.

Check out the Mizon store on Amazon.com using the link below.



Conclusively, the ST-X 220 Drivers are a draw bias driver and are more forgiving than the previous versions making them playable to a larger audience, from Mid to high handicap golfers to even recreational players.

Overall, if you think a draw bias driver with a moderate spin rate can help you play better and experience more success on the course, you can go get the new ST-X 220 from Mizuno.

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