Mizuno ST-Z 220 Drivers Review.

Welcome to my Mizuno ST-Z 220 Drivers Reviews, where we’re going to look at the entire setup of the ST-Z 220 Drivers, touching on key features and key technologies to see how they stacked up against other similar models in the Market.

In the end, it will help decide if the Mizuno ST-Z 220 Drivers is a good fit for your game, and if playing it will help you drive your game better.

Mizuno ST-Z 220 Drivers Review – Introduction.

In recent years, Mizuno drivers seem to have gone down the pecking orders for most people, in comparison to how popular the Mizuno Irons have become.

It is not so clear why it is so, but looking at this new offering, the Mizuno ST-Z 220 drivers, it looks like the Company is beginning to get its acts together.

The ST-Z 220 driver is a follow-up from the previous STZ drivers which, although were low spin drivers like this model, were admittedly lacking high ball speeds on off-center hits, and of course, forgiveness.

The 2022 Mizuno ST-Z 220 drivers are more forgiving and are designed for a neutral ball flight and encourage a low spinning and efficient straight ball flight using the Z-Axis design.


Mizuno ST-Z 220 Drivers Review – Basic Features/Technology.

The ST-Z2220 Drivers features a 20gram back weight in the center of the golf Club providing exceptional forgiveness.

Also featuring is a Z-Axis design, a system that evenly distributes weight across toe and heel, encouraging a low spinning, stable straight flight.

Mizuno also features a highly resilient forged SAT2041 Beta Ti Face designed with multi-thickness CORTECH, which is enhanced or enlarges the sweetspot across an expanded area of the Clubface.

Mizuno also has optimized their wave sole Technology that helps promote high ball speeds on shots hit low on the face or off-center shots.

Finally, with the use of technology, Mizuno is able to identify and neutralize harsh vibration and translate it to a good one creating Mizunos pure feel and sound at impact.


Standard Specifications.

Mizuno provides two adjustable loft options, 9.5º, 10.5º.

Each of these heads can be adjusted, +/- up to 2º, and each can be put into a slightly upright position which can help to enhance the draw bias.

Mizuno golf provides a number of costume-made shaft options, with the Lamkin ST Hybrid 360 as the standard stock grip.


Table showing the specification of the ST-Z 220 Driver.

Model Loft Range° Lie Range CC Length (inch)
ST-Z 220 9.5 7.5-11.5 57.5-60.5 460 45
ST-Z 220 10.5 8.5-12.5 57.5-60.5 460 45


Mizuno ST-Z 220 Drivers
image credit: Mizuno golf.

The Mizuno ST-Z220 Drivers appeared pretty clean in the bag and at the address, with black finishing.

You will see that bold, traditional Mizuno logo inscribed near the heel of the Club, and the ST-Z inscribed at the other end.



Talking about the overall performance of the ST-Z220 drivers, you are going to want to talk about the Forgiveness level, the Speed and distance as well as other relevant performance Indices.



Mizuno ST-Z 220 Drivers

Image credit: Mizuno golf.

From the experience of the previous model, Mizuno has been able to improve of the success recorded with the ST-Z 220 drivers offering more forgiveness and with a new variable thickness design on a high-strength SAT2041 beta titanium face, further improving off-center hit performance, taking the new ST-Z 220 drivers a step ahead of the previousmodel.


Speed and Distance.

The Mizuno ST-Z220 is an improvement from the previous year’s model and is quite impressive with ball speeds and Distance consistency.

The Beta Ti Face using the multi-thickness CORTECH design is optimized for increased ball speeds and distance.


What Others Are Saying About The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Drivers.

As expected, there are a number of feedback from the golfing community about the ST-Z 220 drivers from Mizuno.

Most feedback and reviews so far are all positive, With many rating the ST-Z 220 as high as 5-stars.



  • The ST-Z220 drivers are quite easy to launch.
  • Distance is a little consistent.
  • Very forgiving.


  • If you have played the previous model, you might notice much difference in performance.

Who Can Play The ST-Z 220 Drivers.

So, the 2022 ST-Z 220 drivers are designed to accommodate golfers who are looking to hit the ball straighter and further.

The Mizuno ST-Z 220 drivers can accommodate a wide range of players, both mid handicapper and those looking for more forgiveness and added yardage.

If you can play the Cobra LTDx drivers, you will absolutely love the ST-Z 220 drivers, because, in my opinion, they both are greater and are within the same category in terms of performance.


Where To Buy The Mizuno ST-Z220 Drivers.

As usual, the best and no1 recommended place to get all your golf equipment need including the Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver is on Amazon.

However, there are other places your shop for your favorite Mizuno Drivers including on the Mizuno official shop.

Alternatively, you can walk into a local golf shop and find out if you can get one.

You can check on the Mizuno Shop on Amazon.com using the link below.


The Mizuno ST-Z 220 driver can be a very good alternative for those looking to hit the ball straight and long.

With a solid feel at impact and a large sweet spot for easy launch, the Mizuno ST-Z 220 drivers can be a very good option for those looking for more ball speed, more forgiveness, more Distance, and consistency in their drives.

Drop a comment by sharing your experience playing the Mizuno ST-Z 220 drivers with our audience, and we’ll be grateful.

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