Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver Review.

Welcome to the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver review.

The Launcher XL Lite is a Liter Version of the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver earlier reviewed Here.

In this review, it is my intent to take a closer look at the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite driver to see if it’s a good fit for your game.


Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver Review- Introduction.

The Cleveland Launcher XL Lite drivers are designed to accommodate players who are looking to launch the ball higher with more distance and control.

As mentioned earlier, the XL Lite Driver is the lite version of the Launcher XL Driver and doesn’t have an adjustable hosel, which is one of the innovations deployed by Cleveland to save weight and that count as a major difference between the Lite version and the standard Launcher XL driver.

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver Review- Basic Features/Technology.

Cleveland launcher XL Lite Drivers Review.

Going over some of the key features and technologies in the Launcher XL Lite drivers, you discover Cleveland features and Technologies.

A lite-weight design is a  bonded hosel without the weight-adding adjustability sleeve and an ultra-lightweight shaft. This makes this Launcher XL Lite driver 12g lighter and 0.25” longer than the adjustable version. the result is easier swings, leading to more speed and distance off the tee.

Also, the Launcher XL Lite features a bigger head design.

A bigger head means an MOI of 5,100 g-cm2, translating to more forgiveness and easy and high launch from low and deep weighting systems.

Featuring also is what Cleveland golf called a ‘rebound frame’ with two flex zones, one in the face and the second flex zone in the body of the club, with both working to direct energy to the golf ball for more speed and distance.


Standard Specification.

All Cleveland XL Drivers are available in two forms, the standard Build and the Accuracy Build as shown in the table below.

The Standard-based design is engineered for distance while the Accuracy based is designed for better control.

Cleveland is using the Project X Cypher 40, weight 48(A), 48 (R) 50 (R), as the standard stock graphite while the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360, is the standard stock grip.

As always, there is room for customization.


Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Drivers Full Specification.

10.5° 460cc 60.0° 46.0″ D1 45.0″ C8 RH/LH
10.5° DRAW 460cc 60.0° 46.0″ D1 45.0″ C8 RH
12.0° 460cc 60.0° 46.0″ D1 45.0″ C8 RH



At address, the Launcher XL Lite looks great with a black finish and a larger head that leads to easy launch and more forgiveness. It is very long from front to back for control.



In looking at how the Launcher XL Lite performs, we are going to look at indices like the level of forgiveness, Speed, and Distance.

In this regard, the Launcher XL Lite Drivers are amazing on the course.



The Launcher XL Lite Drivers from Cleveland are very extremely forgiving and can be a perfect option for newbies and high handicappers looking for an easy-to-swing driver and more forgiveness.


Speed & Distance.

The Launcher XL Lite drivers are lightweight and easy to swing.

They are designed for more ball speeds and distances.

You know, more speed leads to more Dirnave and that’s what you get from the Launcher XL Lite drivers.

Players with moderate clubhead speed looking to add more speed to their swing for longer drives could find the Launcher XL Lite driver as a great option, as the club is optimized for a fast and easy swing.


What Others Are Saying About The Launcher XL Lite Drivers.

So, there are quite a number of reactions from the golfing community since Cleveland Released the Launcher XL Lite drivers.

Most feedback dwells on how easy it is to launch the Launcher XL Lite Drivers, and most senior golfers love the idea of lightweight and how easy it is to swing.

Overall, the feedback and reviews, especially from handicappers and recreational golfers are all positive, with the majority of people giving the Launcher XL Lite a 5-star rating.



  • The Launcher XL Lite drivers are optimized for distance and forgiveness.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing even for senior golfers in their 70s and above.
  • Optimized for faster swing speed so golfers with slow swing speed can have more success now.
  • Action Mass CB was deployed to counterbalance and improve control.


  • More Experience players looking for more workability and control might not enjoy playing the Launcher XL Lite Drivers.

Who Can Play The Launcher XL Lite Drivers?

The LauncherXL Lite drivers can be suitable for mid to high handicappers looking for more distance and forgiveness to help them drive their games up.

The players most suitable for the Launcher XL Lite are those looking to launch the ball a little higher, get more distance, and have more control in their swing.

It is suitable particularly for players with moderate swing speeds looking to add more speed to their swings for more distance.

Mid-high handicappers, as well as recreational golfers, fit well in this category.


Where To Buy The Launcher XL Lite Drives?

To me, there is no better place to shop for your favorite golf equipment including the Launcher XL Lite Drivers than on

However, there are a number of places you can get your Launcher XL Lite drivers including the Cleveland Store.

You can check on the Cleveland Store on Amazon at the link below.



The Launcher XL Lite, as the name suggests, is a lite version of the Standard Launcher XL Drivers.

One takeaway from the Launcher XL Lite you might want to note is, that the Launcher XL Lite is a lightweight Club, about 12 grams lighter and 0.25 longer than the adjustable version.

Lightweight clubs are very easy to swing, thus a good fit for senior golfers looking in their 70s and older who might not have the strength to swing heavier clubs. Thi

Another thing to note is that the Club is

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