Cobra LTDx LS Drivers Review.

Welcome to the Cobra LTDx Ls Drivers Review.

The LTDx LS Drivers are designed to accommodate Tour players and better players who are looking for low spin, fast speed, and workability.

Workability is actually one of the major things that distinguish better players clubs from Clubs designed for mid-high handicap players which, most times centers on offering more forgiveness than being workable.

In this LTDx LS Drivers review, we’ll be looking at the features/technologies driving this Clubs, the performance including forgiveness, Speeds, Distance, etc.

This will help you determine if the LTDx LS Drivers is a good fit for your game.

Cobra LTDx LS Drivers Review – Introduction.


The Cobra LTDx LS Drivers is one of the three models in the LTDx line recently released into the golfing market by Cobra king golf for 2022.

All three models seem to lean more toward improving the Speed and Total Distance.

While the standard LTDx Drivers and the LTDx Max drivers are designed to accommodate a wide range of golfers looking for more distance and forgiveness, the LTDx Ls driver targets a more narrow niche of players, the very skilled and low handicap players looking for fast swing speed and workability in their driver.

By design, the LTDx LS model features the lowest spin and the most workability of the three models(The LS in the name stands for ‘Low spin).

Cobra LTDx LS Drivers Review – Basic Features/Technology.

The LTDx LS drivers feature similar features and technology with the other models in the LTDx lineup with the difference being how the technology is applied.

You have the PWR-COR Technology which simply is a multi-material system internally that combines Steel, Titanium, and Aluminium, and move a substantial amount of weight forward in the club’s head to provide faster ball speeds and more distance.


Featuring also is the new H.O.T Face Technology which is an A. I Technology with the H.O.T Standing for Highly Optimized Topology that creates a variable thickness face, and that creates 15 different hot zones across an expanded area of the Clubface to maximize ball speed.

Crowning it all, the LTDx LS has an adjustable weighting, a 10-gram heavyweight, and a 3gram lightweight that can be positioned on the toe and heel. 10 grams on the toe for max fade bias (3-4 yards), or 3 grams in the heel for a neutral to fade biased ball flight.



Standard Specification.

Cobra king provides 2 Different loft options with the LTDx LS Drivers with each having 8 settings in the hosel where players can fine-tune the loft and lie of their Clubs that best suit their game.

There is the Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue 60 Stiff,64g (Mid-Low), the Tensi AV Raw While 65 69g, as the standard stock shaft.

Cobra King is using the Lamkin Crossline 360 (58R), Black/Silver (48.5g) as the standard stock grip.

As usual, there is an option for a Costume made shaft and grip.




-1.5° / -1° / -1° Draw / STD° / STD° Draw / +1° / +1° Draw / +1.5°
9.0° 7.5° / 8.0° / 8.0° Draw / 9.0° / 9.0° Draw / 10.0° / 10.0° Draw / 10.5° 57.50° TOE/HEEL 45.50″ iM10: D2.5 RDX Blue: D1 (X), D0.5 (S) AV White: D3.5 *X, S, R RH/LH
10.5° 9.0° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw / 11.5° / 11.5° Draw / 12.0°



The LTDx LS driver cut a traditional look at the address with a sleeker aesthetic, and a matt black crown Similar to that of last year’s Radspeed drivers, which, by the way, was and still is, one of the most beautiful drivers out there, in my humble opinion.



From the performance on the course, we look at the forgiveness, Speed, and total distance to determine how well the LTDx LS drivers perform, compared to other models in the LTDx lineup.



There is not much to say about forgiveness with the LTDx LS Drivers been that, they are designed more for Tour players, as such, you might not experience much forgiveness.

That, however, doesn’t rule out forgiveness as by virtue of technology used, the entire line of the LTDx Drivers do offer forgiveness.

The only difference is, the level of forgiveness in the LTDx LS drivers isn’t much compared to other models in the same lineup.


Speed & Distance.

For a lot of golfers, Speed and Distance are one of the major determining factors when choosing a new Driver.

The LTDx LS Drivers deliver fast ball speed, and with that, comes added distance.

One of the focus points in the entire LTDx lineup is the improved ball speed and distance.

Both The H.O.T and the PWR-COR Technologies are all engineered to improve ball speed and total distance in all of the LTDx lineup, and the LTDx LS, though a Tour players Club, is not exempted.


What Others Are Saying About The LTDX Ls Drivers.

There are a few reactions from the golfing world about the Cobra LTDx LS drivers. Being a Club that targets Tour players and maybe, better Amateurs, most of the reactions, expectedly, come from the more experienced players.

Most people seem to be intrigued with the technology that is used in the LTDx lineup as it seems ball speed and distance have improved incredibly from the previous model.

The LTDx lineup is still, relatively new, and I am hoping more reactions will drip in as more people gain access to the Clubs.


  • Optimized for fast speed and added Distance for the Tour Players.
  • Easy launch and workable.
  • Its low spin and the faster swinggers would love it absolutely.
  • Forgiveness is impresive given its low spin and a Tour players model.


  • It is less forgiving compare to other models in the LTDx lineup.
  • Not for high handicappers.
  • Some golfers actually dont fancy low spin Clubs because of the tendency for lack of carry.

Who Can Play The LTDx LS Drivers?

To start with, the LS in this Driver stands for Low Spin and targets more experienced players with faster swings looking for more control.

A less experienced player with a double-digit handicap would do better and have more success playing the LTDx Max Drivers or the standard LTDx Driver.


Where To Buy Your LTDx LS Drivers.

There are quite a few places you can get your LTDx LS drivers including on the official website of the Cobra King Golf.

Alternatively, you can walk into a local golf store and see if you can get one.

If you decide to go to a physical store, be sure to test out the equipment to be sure you are paying for the right stuff.

For convenience sake, my best gest and #1 recommended place remains of


Wrapping up things, the LTDx Ls drivers offers a good option for Tour players as well as skilled amateurs golfer to experience the new technology-driven clubs from cobra golf.

Traditional shape,mid-launch, low spin, fast speed, and workability are what the LTDx LS drivers offer. If these qualities are what you are looking for to help drive your game further, then you might want to pick the LTDx LS drivers.

The nearest alternative to the LTDx LS driver is the Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Drivers as they offer similar features and perform incredibly at the same level.

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