Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Review.

Welcome to the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver reviews where we take a closer look at how the Launcher XL Driver stalk up to other similar brands in the market.

Previously, we reviewed the Launcher XL Irons and the Launcher HB Turbo irons, and now we are looking at the Launcher XL Driver.

Usually, when it comes to drivers, most golfers tend to overlook the Cleveland brand given it just recently re-enters the Drivers market but from what is happening now, Cleveland surely deserves to be given credit especially as most of its Drivers and Irons are targeted at helping those who are inconsistent and may not be practicing every day, and whose scores are high and have been struggling to level up on the range.

They are almost always targeted at average golfers with an average pocket looking for a suitable Club to help them have fun on the range.

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver fits that description perfectly.

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Review – Introduction.

The Launcher XL Drivers are really big with a 460cc XL head and a big sweetspot designed for increased forgiveness, and with alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity to drive more energy into the golf ball to enhance speed and more distance.

The Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers, just like their Irons counterpart are designed to fit well with mid-high handicappers and other golfers who have difficulties getting the ball to the green.

These categories of golfers are constantly on the lookout for golf equipment designed with features that can help them lower their scores while having fun on the course.

The Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers Review – Basic Features.

So, what are the features of the Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers and how do the Launcher XL Drivers perform on the range compared to other similar brands on the market?


The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver is large and boisterous with a high MOI aimed at stabilizing the Clubhead and a straighter shot. A Blue stripe on the toe and heel running over the dark body gives it its shining surface.

It has an adjustable Hosel that allows you to adjust the loft from 9 to 12 degrees for a better launch angle, distance, and shape.

Even though the Launcher XL Driver is lightweight, it is still packed with 460cc’s of power, ensuring the most Distance a Driver can offer.


in terms of performance, the Launcher XL Driver scores high, and with its adjustable hosel, you can optimize the launch angle for an increased distance by adjusting the loft from 9 to 12 degrees.

A large and boisterous Clubhead means maximum forgiveness, and distance is guaranteed even on an off-center hit.

Over and above, the Launchher XL Driver delivers a solid performance and with An 8g weight placed in the end of the grip, you got a balance control with no extra effort needed, something weekend golfers wants.

Forgiveness and Distance.

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver offers maximum forgiveness with its large Clubhead. The Hosel is adjustable allowing the loft to be adjusted from 9 to 12 degrees with an increment of 0.5 degrees, and 12 times in total.

As a new man in the game, you want a driver that makes your life on the range easy and fun, and a driver with maximum forgiveness such Launcher XL Driver is what you should go for.

Feel, Sound and control

The Launcher XL delivers a solid feel , with a powerful sound at impact and a satisfactory feedback with every strike.

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver has an 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip, offering better balance for increased control without the need for extra effort.

Morso, the Launcher XL Driver is lightweight and can be played by even seniors with slow swing speed.

What others are saying About The Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers.

As expected, there have been quite some interesting reactions from people who have played the Cleveland Launcher L Drivers.

While there are a few dissatisfied voices, the interesting thing is, majority of people agree the Launcher XL Driver offers maximum forgiveness and helps them play a better game and reduce their overall scores.


  • Very forgiving.
  • Explosive speeds and distance on every shot.
  • Big Clubhead and big Sweetspot making it very easy to hit.
  • Lightweight and can be played by even seniors in with slowswing speed.


  • Absolutely no issue at the moment but will update once something comes up.

Who Should Played The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver?

One interesting thing about the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver, just like the Launcher XL Irons, they can be played by any player irrespective of how skillful or skillless they are.

The forgiveness features of the Launcher XL Drivers make it possible for beginners to enjoy an explosive distance even on off-center hits.

Where To Buy The Launcher XL Driver.

There are a number of places you can get your Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers including a walk into a local golf shop nearest to you.

Just be sure to confirm everything is working well before turning in your credit card.

You can also buy it at the Cleveland Online shop.

For convenient sake, is my best recommended place for your Cleveland Launcher XL Driver.


Conclusively, the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver is the kind of Driver you would want to have in your bag given its rich features geared towards helping mid-high handicappers, as well as weekend golfers, lessen the effects of bad swing and off-center shots.

Lets hear from you if you have played the Launcher XL Driver, share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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