callaway apex 21 iron review

Welcome to the Callaway Apex 21 Iron review where our focus is on the newly launched Apex 21 golf irons from Callaway.

Following the huge impact the Apex 19 has on the golfing community, Callaway once again threw in what can best be described as a better/upgraded, or recreated version of the previous 19 Apex model.

With the Apex 21, every golfer can now play their favorite Apex Model which before now seems a mere wish to many golfers. Many golfers before now thought they were not good enough to hit an Apex iron but that is far behind now with the introduction of the 2021 Apex Irons.

Over the years, the Apex range of clubs has left a huge impact on the golfing community and every new model comes with exponential upgrades that leave its user in awe.

How do the Apex 21 forged irons measure with the Apex DCB and other versions?

Will the Apex 21 perform any better than the previous version, especially the 19 models?

The only way to find out is to stay tuned till the end of this post.

Callaway Apex 21 – Introduction.

So, what are the Apex 21 irons all about and why is the golfing community going all frenzy with the model?

The Apex 21 is one of the latest addition to the Callaways Apex family alongside the Apex DCB and the Apex Pro.

It’s a recreation of the Apex 19 version and has added features that distinguished it from the previous version.

The Apex 21 is a forged iron that is constructed to have both elements of game improvement and player’s irons.

Note that, the Apex 21 iron is the very first forged iron to use Artificial Intelligence Flash face technology.

Not only that, but it’s also the very time Callaway would be using the tungsten Energy Core on an Apex iron.

Basic Feature of The Apex 21 Irons.

callaway apex 21 iron review

Let’s look at some of the basic and distinguishing characteristics of the Callaway Apex 21  and see if they are any better than the previous version.

Tungsten Energy Core.

Like I mentioned earlier, Callaway, for the first time is implementing the tungsten Energy core; actually, 5x the tungsten weight in Apex 19, to precisely position the Center of Gravity to improve launch throughout the set and increase forgiveness on off-center shots.

Artificial Intelligence Flash Face Cup.

The Apex 21 irons also happened to be Callaway’s first forged iron category to incorporate Artificial intelligence in its flash face cup to promote fast ball speed and spine robustness across the entire face. This also enhanced distance and control.

Forged Body

The Apex 21 irons body is 100% forged from a 1025 mild carbon steel body to give you the pure feel and that you deserve, and the Feel that the Apex brand has come to be known with.

Also, the infusion of the patented urethane microspheres in the Apex 21 aid to deliver exceptional sound and feel at impact by countering the effects of harsh vibration.

The improved shaping of the Apex 21 also helps to enhance the feel through the turf.

How does the Apex 21 Perform?

Looking at the performance of the Apex 21 irons compared to the previous version, we can say that the Apex 21 performs relatively well.

You know one of the distinguishing features of the Apex irons is exceptional distance and forgiveness but with the Apex 21, distance and forgiveness are a little higher than any previous model, especially with the technologies like Artificial intelligence and Tungsten Energy Core.

With 5x more tungsten Energy core than any previous model that allows the C.G to the precisely placed to boost launch and spin robustness, the Apex 21 sure is an upgrade from what the previous edition brought.


The Apex 21 irons are more forgiving than the Previous models, probably only bettered by the Apex DCB irons which I previously reviewed Here.

The implementation of the tungsten Energy Core allows Apex to optimize the center of Gravity in every iron throughout the set for higher launch and forgiveness.

Most mid-range handicap players crave iron that offers more forgiveness, and the Apex 21 is designed to fill in that gap.

Distance & Control.

Apex irons are known for extra distance but the Apex 21 irons have taken distance and control to the next level with the A. I flash face cup.

The Artificial Intelligence flash face cup gives you more ball distance and spin robustness across the face. With this, not only would it be faster, but also pinpoint control to go with.


The Apex 21irons are very playable and can actually be played out of any lie on the course.

The shaping is also enhanced for better turf interaction.

Look, Sound and Feel.

So, what does the Apex 21 look different from the previous versions? Also, what about the sound and feel of the Apex 21 irons?


Callaway has continued with the Apex standard look with no major altercation. However, the Apex 21 irons have a fault deep cavity, with soft, rounded edges.

Feel and sound.

There is no much difference between Apex 21 and Apex 19 in terms of sound and feel. With the Urethane Microsphere incorporated into the  Apex 21 and a body that 100% forged from a 1025 mild carbon steel body, the Apex 21 delivers exceptional sound and feel at impact.

One of the major issues similar irons faced is harsh vibration but Callaway is able to suppress that with the urethane microsphere technology, first used in the Apex 19 model, able to improve sound and feel.

What Others are saying about Apex 21 irons.

The thing is, Apex 21 irons are relatively new and many people are just getting on with playing the set and so, there are fewer direct user-based experience testimonies.

However, from the people we’ve been able to talk to, here are some of the things they seem to like and say about the new Apex 21 iron.

What They Like.

  • More forgiving than the Previous model, Apex 19.
  • Consistent ball speed; this is due to the infusion of new technologies such as the A. I and the tungsten Energy core.
  • The price tag is fairer than the previous model even though it outperforms the Apex 19 model.
  • Had almost the same look as the previous model.
  • Feel and sound is improved.

What They don’t like.

  • Few experts have raised serious concern about the strong loft as they said it impacts negatively on people that struggle to keep the ball high or people who have a low ball flight.
  • Few users still complained about the price tag on Apex 21.
  • Beginner golfers seen to lean more towards the Apex DCB reviewed earlier as it seems to be easier to hit and more forgiving than the Apex 21.

Who Can Play The Apex 21 Irons?

So, who can play the new Apex 21 irons?

The Apex 21 irons can be handled by pretty any player from a mid-range handicap or lower who desires an iron that offers more forgiveness.

So, if you a mid-range handicapper or lower and you are looking for forgiveness in and some offset in a forged player’s distance iron, you might want to look out for the Apex 21 iron.


Conclusively, here are a few take-homes from our review up here.

The Apex 21 step up from the previous 19 models, so if you think you enjoyed Apex 19, then you have got to try the Apex 21 out and I bet you’ll clearly see the difference.

With an Artificial Intelligence engineered Flash face cup to give you more ball distance and spine robustness across the entire face, this way you won’t only have a faster ball speed, but only have pinpoint control to go with.

Lots of people complain that the previous Callaway Apex irons were difficult to hit, making it near impossible for newcomers to play them, but now, here are irons that are infused with technologies that aid to balance all the difficulties encountered from previous versions, while still maintaining the Apex feel and qualities known over the years.

Now everyone can play their favorite irons.

Let me know in the comment center below if you or someone you know has used these irons.

Shar your experience with us here.

Apex 21 Irons




Feel & Sound




Distance & Control





  • More forgiving than the previous model, Apex 19.
  • Amazing distance and control


  • Might be a little too pricey for certain folks especially those on a tight who desire to play an Apex iron.

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