best golf driver for slower swing speeds

Is your swing speeds slow and you need a suitable golf driver to match your swing speeds? In this post, we are going to be looking at golf drivers meant for those that have a slower swing speed.

First, what is swing speed in golf?

Swing speed in golf simply refers to the speed of a Clubhead when striking the golf ball.

There is also have a ball speed. this the speed at which the ball flies after been hit by the clubface.

The impact of the swing speed affects how speedily the ball flies.

For the records, any swing speed less than 90mph is regarded as a slow speed.

Although there are pieces of training meant to help you increase your swing speed, it’s entirely a topic of its own.

For today our main focus is on helping you pick appropriate golf drivers that will suit your swing speed.

Every golfer has a swing speed. There are those with fast swing speed, some have average swing speed and others have a much slower swing speed.

I am sure you understand that swing speed is important as the more your swing speed, the farther you will hit the ball, and the less your swing speed, the less the ball will go.

It’s no magic.

To hit the ball farther, you need to increase your swing speed. A faster swing speed will more or less translate into more ball speed and of course, more ball speed means you are closer to the green.

Once that is achieved, your proficiency with the wedge and Putter will grant you an excellent birdie.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Driver As A low-speed Swinger.

As someone whose swing speed is best at a slower pace, there are certain specs to look out for when acquiring a new set of drivers.

Generally, Drivers with Graphite shaft are more suitable for slow swing speed players as they help in maximizing the ball distance compared to the steel shaft.

At the same time, most pro players would rather go for steel shaft so they have total control of their swing.

Can Technologically Improved Drivers Impact One’s Swing Speed?

Many people believe added technology on drivers can impact a player’s swing speed. While that may be true but the basic thing can not be taken away which is the personal effort at leveling up.

You need to try to increase your swing speed all the time otherwise no technology can take your game level to pro level.

It hurt but that just the naked truth.

Top 6 Golf Drivers For Slow Speed Swing.

Here, we have been able to hand-picked, after thoroughly reviewing the top-rated golf drivers that are well suited to the playing speed of players with low swing speed.



  1. TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver With UST Mamiya Helium 5 Shaft

 best golf driver for slower swing speeds

If you are looking for a driver that is not only suitable for slower speeds swing but also offer lightweight shaft structure with extreme stability designed with Helium premium materials, then you’ve got to look at the Taylormade SIM Max D Driver.

This driver is great for those looking for clubs that offer maximum forgiveness and distance and improved ball speed.

The driver’s head has been optimized and injected to reach the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed.

When your swing speed is slower, you would want to go for drivers that are optimized to offer more speed and easy hit.

And that is exactly what you have in this amazing driver, the SIM Max D-Driver.



  • Optimized for more forgiveness.
  • ¬†Intelligently optimized Improve ball speed across the face by calibrating each clubhead. This is done within the legal speed limit.
  • Face angle designed to overcome mis-hits and to produce straighter shots.
  • Shaft Material: UST Mamiya Helium 5 material for better feel and stability.
  • Optimized for more clubhead speed and enhanced aerodynamics.


  • Non at the moment. Looks like a perfect driver but will keep an open eye and would update as soon as something negative pop-up.


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2. Cobra 2018 Golf Men’s King F8 Driver

 best golf driver for slower swing speeds

Here comes the Cobra King F8 Driver.

The cobra brand of golf equipment was founded by a Former Australian amateur champion Thomas L Crow in 1973 initially specializing in utility clubs.

This Carlsbad, Californian-based company has evolved over time and currently churns out top-rated golf equipment and accessories.

The Cobra King F8 is optimized to improve drag reduction, for maximum ball speed and distance.

With Precision milling, an innovating faced technology, the King F8 Driver is made to deliver the highest performance level at all times.

Anyone looking for durability and forgiveness, the F8 Driver is an option not to be overlooked.

Launched 12 January 2018 in the USA, this club is masterly crafted to help you improve in your swing speed and is a very good option even as a senior golfer.


  • Precision and forging.
  • Optimized clubhead, adjustable loft setting, and other features to increase spin, loft, and maximize distance, especially for the average players.
  • Great for mid and high handicapped players.
  • CG is moved a bit lower and deeper paving the way for higher trajectories and increased forgiveness.


  • Honestly non for now but as always will update once something comes up.


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3. TaylorMade M4 Draw Type Driver

 best golf driver for slower swing speeds

Making a return on our list of the best drivers for people with slower swing speeds is the Taylormade M4 Draw.

This driver is widely regarded as one of the best performance drivers on the TaylorMade ladder.
Craftily made to reduce side spin side by altering the loft in areas of common mis-hits& deliver straighter shots, the Taylormade M4 Draw is made for golfers who need to eliminate slice off the tee.
If you are looking for that driver that has features that improve distance, accuracy, and forgiveness that help you hit straighter drives, then the M4 Draw is the main deal.
Whatsmore, the new Hammerhead Slot in the sole allows for a more flexible clubface with a larger sweet spot.
  • Customized with adjustable features that help to fine-tune loft for a personalized launch.
  • Optimized to offer maximum forgiveness and with offset face, slices are reduced reduces.
  • Comes with headcovers.
  • Great for low swing speeds golfers including seniors golfers.


  • Some folks complain it’s pricey, other than that no issue as of now.


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4. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver

 best golf driver for slower swing speeds

Cleveland Launcher HB driver is one heck of a club you can not ignore especially if your swing speed is slow and you are looking for a suitable driver to match your skill level.

The 2018 model, 45.5 long HB Launcher is optimized to give you an experience of a lifetime.

If you are a senior golfer with low swing speed, you would want to look at this driver as it’s made with all the features to help with easy hit and increase ball flight for an extra distance.

Moreso, The HB Launcher driver offers maximum forgiveness. Here are some other features you may find with this driver:

Hand orientation: Left.

Shaft material: Graphite.

Loft: 10.5 Degrees

This also comes with a headcover.


  • Comes with a hardcover, unlike many others.
  • Designed to suit senior golfers with a mid or high handicap.
  • Lightweight clubhead for increased swing speed and distance.


  • Suitable for men golfers. Looks like women golfers may have to look at other options.
  • Best for led-handed players.


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5. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver


 best golf driver for slower swing speeds

And the list can’t be complete without the Callaway Mavrik max Driver.

If you want a driver that is built to promote optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness, then you’ve got to pick the Callaway 2020 Mavrik Max Driver.

MAVRIK used A.I (Artificial Intelligence) to design the internal system of the clubhead to help promote fast ball speed making it an ideal club for players with slower swing speed.

The architectural design of the clubface is such that promotes optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness.

Also optimized with jailbreak and T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown to increase ball speeds and of course forgiveness.

Another feature that sets this driver apart, wide, from the rest of the other brand is the inclusion of two interchangeable weight that is positioned in the sole near the hill for maximum forgiveness.

Also included are the headcovers.



  • Optimized for increased ball speeds and forgiveness.
  • Includes headcover.
  • Amazing feel and distance.
  • Highly recommended by 95% of her users.
  • Great for slower speed swings.


  • Absolutely non at this moment but as always, our eyes are open for any abnormalities, and boom, I will update.

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6. Xxio Prime Sp 900

 best golf driver for slower swing speeds

So, to complete our list of the top 6 highly recommended golf drivers for slower swing speeds players is the Xxio Prime SP 900.

The new prime series was introduced by Xxio to help with a new level of distance performance especially for those that have very slow swing speed.

The Xxio prime SP 900 is optimized to be easy to hit and features advanced lightweight designed for faster head speed and faster ball speeds.

Also, the new sole channel structured to increase face flexibility fir more forgiveness, exactly how slow swing speeds players needs.

Excesses weight repositioned to lower the CD( Center of Gravity).


  • Offers more distance and forgiveness.
  • CG optimized to promote a higher and more consistent launch.
  • Shaft designed to suit slow swing speeds.
  • Great for both seniors and beginners with slow swing speeds.


  • Not a popular brand in the States(US).
  • Headcover may not be included.


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Final Thoughts.

We understand there may be some fantastic drivers for slower swing speeds not included here, due to the fact we do not want to further confuse our audience with too many options, the reason why we decided to pick just six top performance drivers.

Another reason may be that we have insufficient information on other drivers, as we wouldn’t want to present to you what we are not sufficiently informed of.

These drivers are absolutely fantastic and should serve you well.

If you have used anyone on our list, kindly drop a comment telling us how you fare with it.

We will be happy to hear from you.





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