Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Over 70


The most amazing thing about the game of golf is that it isn’t picky when it comes to who plays it or not. It can be played by anyone, male/female, young or old, it’s absolutely for all ages. The best golf clubs for seniors over 70 as the name implies are engineered specifically for elderlies.

It is a perfect way of strengthening their bones, maintaining a healthy and sound body system, and of course, keep fit physically and mentally.

As someone well over 70, you would want to go with a golf club with an easy setup and may not like the stress of tinkering with the settings on your club.

The more reason it’s best to go for the right golf club designed with seniors in mind. These golf clubs have all adjustment features on them and can be quite helpful when handling them, this way you’d be able to know what works best for you.

The purpose of this article is to help make an easy buying decision. In the post here, we have been able to highlight what to look out for when picking golf clubs for senior grade without stress or fear of making wrong choices.

Here we listed detailed reviews of ten best-rated golf clubs for seniors and also to go with features/specs you should look out for in a club set

Things to consider when picking Golf Clubs As a Senior Over 70.

The first factor to consider when making a choice of a good golf club for elderlies who are no longer in their youthful age, as most seniors are no longer as strong and vibrant as they use to be, you should go for a golf club that can drive distances with little or no effort applied.


Take note to select a driver with a clubface that has got a large center area. Listed below are buying guides to getting the best golf clubs suitable for the elderly especially for seniors over 70 years.

1. The shaft:

This should be one of the important factors you should look out for when selecting a golf club.

It plays a vital role in in-game enhancement. If the shaft of your golf club is in perfect condition then this means that your game has automatically improved. It is the powerhouse of your golf club.

2. The Shaft Flex

This is also a vital part of a golf club. It enables the twisting ability of the club during a swing. It controls the shaft, thereby the direction and distance you exhibit while playing.

If you’ve got a fast swing as a player, then you would need to go for a golf club with lesser shaft flex.

3. The Torque

The Torque is responsible for the ability of your golf club to twist when swinging. It is often measured in rates and degrees.

This implies that the lesser the rating, the more difficult it becomes for the shaft to twist. In other words, the lower your shaft torque, the lower your trajectory.

And picking a golf club with a lower torque affects the ball trajectory thereby immensely messes up your performance at the game.


4. Weight of Shaft
This is the raw and untrimmed shaft before they are installed. They come in grams and the lighter the weight of the club, the more increase in speed and distance.

Therefore, it is always advisable for seniors to get a golf club whose grip end weighs more than the lower end.

5. Shaft Length
For seniors getting a lengthy shaft improves swing speed. And this simply means with an improved swing speed comes improved performance and game.



Let look at the top 10 golf clubs for seniors over 70. Of course, you understand that people over 70 years might not have the same level of stamina as younger people and so, clubs with special features might be what they want.

In the list below, we have included clubs that have features like offsets and that offer lots of forgiveness such that, no matter the level of your handicap, you can easily find one that suits your sporting needs.


1. Cobra King F7

Remove term: Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Over 70 Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Over 70



This golf club comes with a lightweight titanium head, adjustable weights that help you regulate your spin done on the shots you give.
The Cobra King F7 golf club can be adjusted from 9 to 12 which prevents decreased swing speed when you go higher.

The Cobra King club comes in different packages; in regular, stiff, recommended for seniors of different game level


  • Adjustable loft angles that deliver distance and height
  • big 460cc clubhead makes it very forgiving
  •  Has adjustable spin level with moveable weights
  • The Graphite shaft flex increases swing speed and distance on course


  • There may be complaints of the club being too flashy for senior grades



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2. Seniors Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Set

Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Over 70


The Senior Men’s Majek Golf Clubs are very forgiving clubs and greatly improves your golf game. This club offers more flex velocity and with a graphite shaft, it makes them lightweight and easy to handle for senior grades.

The Majek Golf club has been designed with maximum forgiveness, accuracy, and distance shots with less swing. The weight has been positioned in the cavity of the heads in such a way that the accuracy is enhanced. Just with little effort exerted, you will deliver great distance shots.

This golf club was specially designed for the elderly. It is indeed an amazing set with great features that makes them enjoyable. It is lightweight, durable and very forgiving, suitable enough for the senior grades


Its graphite shaft flex makes it easy to swing without demanding huge force.

 Their big club heads provide increased forgiveness. It is most suitable for seniors above 70.

 Has got Hybrids that delivers distance shots from any distance without stress

All the clubs are lofted higher than the regular golf clubs, ensuring that seniors can still get great launch heights on each shot.


  •  Has no putter or wedges in the set. It is gotten differently.
  • There are no customization options like advanced hybrids from TaylorMade, and taller golfers may need to get the clubs fitted to suit them


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3. Adams Golf Right Handed Combo Irons

best golf clubs for seniors over 70


These Golf clubs are built specifically with pros, amateurs, and seniors in mind. They are quite known for their perfect specs and features. The lightweight design allows increased swing without the utmost accuracy and focus.
These golf clubs are very forgiving and seniors will benefit greatly from these clubs. You may even notice a reduced handicap. The only issue with these club set with these clubs is that they are lengthy. So it wouldn’t go well for an average or short person.


  • It has got a good design, mature and classy appearance that would suit the taste of every old player.
  • The club graphite shaft is lightweight which makes it easy to swing without stress.
  •  The big clubheads have large sweet spots that make them very forgiving for players of any level handicap


  • The package does not include wedges, drivers, and a putter.
  • The set doesn’t come with adjustable features, that might not go down too well for most senior players.


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4. Tour Edge HP25 Men’s Complete Golf Club Set

Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Over 70


Tour Edge Men’s golf set is a perfect club set for senior players. It features a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 4 hybrid, 5- SW irons, putter and a lightweight bag.

The Tour Edge driver features a 460cc titanium matrix driver with a 10.5-degree loft. In addition to this, the weight has been placed in the heel and toe of the sole.

The clubhead thin face increases forgiveness and its large sweet spot allows for more connection and distance. Without the long irons, the HP25 hybrid boasts a stainless steel head and low profile which is going to increase the ease of making shots.
The Tour Edge golf club set is made from lightweight material and gaming with it in no time you’d be addressed as a pro in the game of golf.


  • They are lightweight and perfect for aged men and women, and beginners.
  • The large sweet spots allow for more connection and distance


  • They lack some important features that could be needed especially for senior golfers


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5. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set


The Callaway Golf Company is one of the most reliable and renowned club manufacturers ever existed. They are known for designing the best golf clubs set.

Callaway Men’s Strata Golf set is engineered to deliver maximum forgiveness and an increased distance control which is suitable for every senior golfer.

The club set includes a driver, 3-wood, 5-hybrid, six through nine iron, pitching wedge, a putter and a stand bag for easier carriage

– The driver in the set is 460cc forged and ultra-lightweight with a large sweet spot to enable long accurate tee shots. The 3-wood is oversized and has an aerodynamic head shape to increase loft upon impact.

– Hybrid/Irons are designed with a small-sized cavity back that enhances forgiveness and gives confidence and more accurate shots.

– The clubs are silver and blue and the bag is sleek with a black and blue finish. An all-black blade putter with an alignment aid is included with the set.


  • The irons at the cavity back give seniors more forgiveness
  • Their Hybrids aids golfers who tend to mishit long irons
  • Comes with a huge 3-wood thereby giving nice swing shots and distance


  • might be a little expensive compared to other golf sets 
  • It set only includes a pitching wedge and no variety


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6. Wilson Golf Ultra Men’s 9- Club Set



The Wilson Golf Ultra Men’s club set features a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, six through pitching wedge, putter, bag, and headcovers.

Wilson Ultra golf clubs were created to deliver more forgiveness and instill great confidence in you on course.

The Putter in the golf club set has a sleek silver, red and black. It also has a blade-shape and an alignment aid.

The 460cc driver has lower gravity and a large sweet spot to ensure longterm accuracy, drive, and distance shots.


  • Large lightweight driver helps improve swing speed and distance on drives
  • Set available for both left-handed and right-handed players.


  • It has only 9 clubs.
  • Its 5-hybrid may not be suitable for senior players


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7. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set


These clubs set is one of the best golf set ever manufactured. They are specially designed for senior women.

The set includes a lightweight bag that has an adjustable airflow shoulder straps making it easy for you to carry around without any form of stress.

It also includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons six through nine, pitching wedge, a Wilson Easy Launch sand wedge, and a putter.

– The driver in the set is high-lofted and features a huge sweet spot for better trajectory and more distance off the tee.

– The sand wedge has a wide sole and low weight for control around the greens and improved accuracy.

– Putter is weighted in the heel and toe and comes with a soft alignment grip that enables good distance control. Straight putts are also promoted when aligned correctly.

The set is available for both left and right-handed golfers.


  • Set includes a sand wedge which is rare compared to other golf sets
  • Its graphite shaft is lightweight for a fast swing shot.
  • Has a high-lofted driver which gives an increased distance


  • Has only one fairway wood in the set
  • A badly shaped Pitching wedge which might be difficult to hit


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8. Wilson Staff D300 Irons Set of Golf Clubs

Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Over 70

The Wilson Staff D300 Iron golf set includes 5- irons, pitching, and a sand wedge. They are available for both right and left-handed players.

The irons are weighted at the heel to give your swing more power. They also improve the speed and accuracy of shots.

They have a large clubface that ensures the golf ball spins normally even if you hit off-center.

The Wilson Staff Golf club shaft is manufactured from graphite, which gives them their lightweight so you should have no difficulty swinging and aiming for good shots.


  • They come in both left-handed and right-handed models.
  • Has a lightweight graphite shaft with senior flex rating for easier and accurate shots.
  • Set includes high-loft wedges for easier hits
  • Has large clubheads that give better control and balance


  • They are not forgiving



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9. AGXGOLF Seniors Men’s Magnum Edition


Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Over 70


These golf clubs set comes in different varieties. The set includes a 460cc driver, woods, hybrids, and irons that all feature graphite shaft.

The irons included were modeled after Callaway Golf irons and have stainless steel shafts.

The irons included in the set are five through nine and the hybrid included replaces a 3-iron. An all-black putter with white stripes for alignment is also included.

They are made specifically for right-handed players


  • Club has a large sweet spot that enhances distance and connection.
  • The Irons are made from Callaway Golf Irons
  • Its 460cc driver helps with long tee shots


  • Set does not include a 4-iron or 4-hybrid




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10. Top-Flite Golf Senior Men’s Tour 17 Piece Complete Set


Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Over 70


The Top Flite is named the best in the history of golf for golf manufacturers. This is because their sets come with everything you desire.


The set includes a 460cc Titanium Driver that can adjust to 3 different face angles so you can customize your ball flight to fit your style.

It also has 2 large fairway woods and 1 hybrid that makes up the long clubs of the set. Each of these has a graphite shaft and a low profile to help golfers hit better shots from tougher lies.

The Steel irons were designed to have a wide sole and a low gravity which helps increase forgiveness and promote higher ball shots. It has a lightweight shaft that features a flex that is installed in the irons.

The Top-Flite golf also has a wedge and a putter that is made from 431 Stainless Steel.


  • Has a lightweight shaft flex for more swing speed
  • Irons are designed for greater balance on course


  • They are for pros only


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Do you have lingering thoughts of how bad a player you’d be because of your age? You are scared you might not have what it takes anymore to hit the top of your game.

The time has come for you to let go of those ill thoughts of yours and look on the brighter side. You can still hit the top of your game with the best golf clubs for seniors over 70.

These golf clubs and all their special features have made it easier for you to play and improve your game.

For this reason, we made a list of top-rated golf clubs you would be needing to make you achieve those goals without any difficulty. All it will take is for you to get new golf set to bring your game back to life.

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