What is offset in golf clubs.

Now, if you are in the golfing world, you obviously must have heard the term offset thrown around so many times. The main question is, what is offset in golf clubs and how exactly can it help you improve your game?

offset in golf clubs is simply the structural designed condition of the golf clubs in which the leading edge of a Clubhead is set back from the neck or hosel. In other words, instead of the face been positioned in line with the shaft, the face is instead pushed a little back. Clubs designed this way are said to offer more forgiveness than regular clubs.

what is offset in golf clubs
offset golf club

Well, if you are new to golfing and are wondering what in heavens name is offset in golf clubs, this post is exactly what I am sure is the answer that you need.


putters were the first golf clubs to have offsets, allowing players to get their hands forward, however, this feature has become more prominent with irons and woods, even among hybrids clubs.

when I first got involved in golf, I found some golfing terminologies so odd, Terms such as handicap which is quite different from the word handicap a person on the street is used to.

Back to the topic at hand, do offsets in golf clubs offer any advantage over standards clubs?


What Are The Benefits Of Offsets Clubs

Golf clubs designed to have offsets no doubt offers few and interesting benefits especially to mid and high handicap golfers.

Although those with very low handicaps might also want to buy offsets clubs to have sorts of advantages on the golf course.

And that is why it’s common these days to see players with low handicaps going for clubs with some sorts of offsets. Of course, it’s typical these days to find clubs built for low handicap players having some sorts of offsets.

However, experienced golfers prefer regular clubs because it allows them to have total control when striking the golf ball.

Let’s look at some advantages of offset clubs.

  • Reduced slice
  • Higher launch

Reduce Slice – 

Most golf players with mid to high handicaps find it a little difficult to bring the clubhead to a square position at impact and this results in slices as hands are not brought quick enough and as a result, the clubface is left open at impact.

Offset in clubs creates a kind of fraction before the club strikes the ball, and this allows players enough time to bring the clubface to a square position at impact.

What is offset in golf clubs


Higher Launch.

Offset Clubs would be beneficial to golfers with slow tempos and whose swing speed is slower than 85mph causing the ball to fly a little slower.

Also, it is generally believed that with the clubhead set farther back from the shaft, the club head center of gravity is moved farther away from the shaft, helping the shaft of the club to pass a golf ball before the clubhead, and with the gap created by the angle of the clubhead, the ball can now fly higher and further in the air.

Although golfers like this person here have a contrary opinion when it comes to clubs with offsets helping with higher launches.

Moving forward, let’s look at the reason many people believe clubs with offsets offer more forgiving than regular clubs.


What makes Offset clubs more forgiving than regular clubs?

With the way offset clubs are designed, the offset feature itself is forgiving as it offers some sorts of advantages so to speak.

Without offset feature in clubs, an average player finds it difficult to bring the clubface to a square position at impact and that results in slices. Offset features help players with the challenges of slicing to have relief from the difficulty.

So, the summary of the whole benefits of offset golf clubs helps an average player who finds it difficult bringing the clubface to a square position at impact to do so and that helps game improvement.

But then let’s consider if offset golf clubs have a downside to the benefits.


The Downside Of Offsets Clubs.

So, Could there be any downside to an amazing feature like offset in golf clubs?

Unfortunately yes, especially to the seasoned golfers.

Again, instead of a player putting more effort at improving their swing angles, they rely more on technology which is what offset is, more like technology doing the whole job for you instead of putting in the personal effort required to perfect your game.

Of course, you understand with offset clubs, you may not perfectly control a swing as you would which is why seasoned players would rather choose to play with regular clubs.

Who should Use Offset clubs?

With everything said here, it’s obvious the categories of players that should consider using clubs with offset features.

What is offset in golf clubs

  • The first categories of people who should consider going for clubs with offset features are those that have difficulties in bringing the clubface to square position for impact as that will help in curing slice which is an obvious threat to their game improvements.


  • The other group of people that should consider going for clubs with offset features are those with very high handicaps. Obviously, those with high handicaps have this challenge of squaring up the clubface at impact as most of them still new and so their game is still pretty much at the beginners’ stage.


  • The beginners, if you are just started off in golf and you are thinking of getting your first set of golf clubs, you won’t want to consider adding clubs built with offset features as this will aid you in quickly improving your game.

Have you used any golf clubs built with offset features? Kindly share your experience with us by dropping a comment below in the comment section of this blog post.


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